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    Default Help with picking a Gaming Laptop

    I recently put in for a $2500 loan for a gaming laptop but I知 unsure of what exactly to get or what I need.

    My budget is around $1500. I don稚 mind going over a bit and paying less is obviously a plus for me.

    I知 not really tech savvy.

    I知 not sure if I need one with an i7-9750H or if a i7-8750H is all i need?
    Should I look at HP Omens or MSI or What, and Where to buy, Online or In store?

    If online should I go Walmart or Amazon or go straight to HP, I would prefer a physical store but I知 pretty sure that the ones around me wouldn稚 have anything I知 looking at in stock.

    I really want something that can play Battletech 2018, Dawn of War 2, and the upcoming Mechwarrior 5.
    Hopefully without going over budget.

    Can someone with expertise help me out?

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    The 2019 version of the Acer Helios is within your budget.

    You want an aesthetic that's more low profile you should into Lenovo Legion series of laptops.

    The 1660ti on both of those should be adequate for the games you want to play.

    Best Buy has these laptops listed on their site but you should call you local store to see if have them in stock there. They tend to reserve enthusiast level hardware as online only items. If you a micro center in your area you should definitely check to see if they have them there.
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    Any reason that it has to be a laptop?

    $2500 is way overkill for DoW2 or Battletech. You're not going to need an i7-anything for those games.
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