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    I just read Smashes the Klan, know how at the end of the school year when the teacher would offer some extra credit and you had to do it, and knock it out of the park to pass, because you spent the whole year drawing in your notebook and chasing girls instead of studying?

    Smashes the Klan is that extra credit, coming in right here at the end of the decade. Like, I almost want to change my vote and bring it up a letter grade because of this issue.
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    New 52 was tolerable. Some of the stories were decent.
    I loved Rebirth. That really got me collecting and buying the books the day they came out to see what happened next.
    Dan Jurgens was awesome. Weird thing happened at Action Comics was like both books vanished and I have not read one since. Oh well.
    Should they ever start reprinting Superman and Action Comics again, I will be happy to check it out.

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