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    I don't have an issue with her. If I can accept anyone coming before Superman its Diana. I'll always have a problem with the rest of the JSA being before him though. It never felt right to me for the 30 years it was canon till the reboot, and it still doesn't feel right now that they've gone back. It never will with me, but at the same time I know now that's just the way this regime likes it and are comfortable with.

    Overall timeline though, I still don't feel any better about the situation. I just have no interest into this all building to a "present day" where my characters are in their 60s. I mean, for Superman himself in a vacuum it wouldn't matter, but it matters for most everyone else. Including Superman's supporting cast, most notably his freaking wife. I'm not seeing it working at all. I know there's the historical portion that would have the characters in more classic roles, but what happens when that history is told to the degree they wish to tell it?
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    Lois can actually be as young as 18 to 20 when Clark (around 25 or 26) shows up as Superman in 1963. Bruce is 20 when he becomes Batman in 1963, so if Lois is of comparable age to him then she'd be 54 or 52 in the "present" (1997), and that's perfectly fine. Jimmy's likely about as old as Dick or Wally, so that puts him in his early to mid 40s by the present day. Parry's likely dead though.

    And I'd imagine this is why Robinson and Trish Q were created to begin with. They'll likely be as old as they are now, and act as the Daily Planet's new generation.

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    I love Wonder Woman being the first superhero and debuting during the First World War, leading the Justice Society in the Second World War, and continuing on as a superhero ever since.

    I do not care for all this timeline crap though, I hope it doesn't interfere with what I'm reading. I'm sure AQUAMAN will be largely untouched.

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