I was partly inspired by a South Park episode where Cartman inherits $1 million dollars from his grandmother after she passed. In it Cartman decides to buy a theme park . Not because its a sound business decision. No , fuck that noise. He just wants it so he can ride all the rides himself and no waiting in lines. He hates lines...

So I was thinking about years back , me and a buddy walked into a small book store. One that didn't sell comics ; just a simple paperback book shop. Inside that day this middle age man was sitting there. On his shop hours he had opened an hour earlier and was due to be open another 4 or 5 hours. We had just started looking around when suddenly the guy asks us if we could hurry up because he planned to close up when he wanted.

I mean we didn't even get 5-10 minutes and bam this dude wants to close for the day. Like the ole sayin ...SORRY BOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK !

So I was amazed , a business that doesn't care. I mean I'd love to own a business that doesn't give a shit. Like one of my personal heroes ...Al Bundy.


I could imagine people coming into my store or shop , wanting to look around as i check my watch. Well fuck work today , time to show these folks out. Like Cartman I may even run my business like he did. Only I can be allowed in. Maybe you one day can be allowed entrance if it suits me. But for now ..kiss the cheeks of my ass on this.

I shall rule over my place and business. Only those who kiss my ring can be allowed entrance. Yes in the land of business there is but one KING...and it IS ...I.