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    Default Your Wonder Woman Timeline

    So, with the news that Wonder Woman is going to be the premiere super-heroine in the DC universe, it sounds pretty obvious that things are going to end up changing. If it were up to you, how would you change things? Would you keep them the same, just with a difference in years? What would you do about Steve Trevor and Etta Candy? This doesn't need to be extensive, just... give me an idea of what you might think!

    So, first things first, I would keep Wonder Woman as the premiere superhero in the DCU... but it wouldn't be Diana. Instead, semi-frequently either the Greek gods or the amazons chooses a single Amazon ever so often to travel to Man's World to see if anything had changed; in 1939, Queen Hippolyta was the one chosen to go on the voyage as the original Wonder Woman, and so she left for man's world and found herself embroiled in World War 2, the Justice Society, and etc. She stays there until the war in Man's World ends, but as soon as it does she goes back to Themyscira, and due to the severity and danger that she saw in Man's World, forbids the rest of her people from returning there. Life on Themyscira proceeds as normal, almost identically to Rucka's Year One.

    Flash-forward to the 1990s. There's a housefire in New York City and the infant Donna Hinckley-Stacy is caught in the fire - only to be saved by the Titaness Phoebe, who grants the child powers akin to a Titan in order to guarantee her survival. Phoebe hand delivers the infant Donna to Queen Hippolyta. Phoebe keeps her origin as a so-called Titan Seed secret from the Amazon Queen, but when Hippolyta asks for a name she gives her one - Troy. The name 'Donna' was hand-sewn on her blanket, so the infant becomes known as Donna Troy.

    Diana maintains the origin as the child of Zeus that believes she was made from clay, and Jason Prince continues to exist as well. Ten years after the arrival of Donna Troy to the island, Steve Trevor crash-lands on the islands shores and Diana makes the decision to return him to Man's World - at the cost of apparently never returning home again. Four years later a teenage Donna is made aware of her abilities as a Demi-Titan, and with the help of her patron Phoebe returns to Man's World in her sisters footsteps. She becomes the first Wonder Girl, and shortly thereafter the Teen Titans are formed.

    Artemis' origin would exist the same as it does in Rebirth. Cassie is the daughter of Ares as opposed to Zeus or to Lennox, but otherwise exists the same as she did pre-Flashpoint and presently in Young Justice. Diana does become a Goddess true to her demi-god origins, but it isn't the Goddess of War; it's the Goddess of Justice.

    What would you guys do?

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    For me - Diana is molded from clay. Off the island, she is not immortal (though she is rather invulnerable), and continues to age.

    In terms of timeline:

    Superman debuts 20 years ago. He is the first superhero. 25 years old.
    Batman debuts 2 months later. 24 years old
    Wonder Woman debuts 7 months later - Steve Trevor ends up on the island and that leads her to man's world. She will almost immediately meet Etta. Also mid-20s. Superman will briefly wonder if she is somehow another surviving member of his race.
    Cassandra Sandsmark is born soon after Diana arrives. She is completely human, as she originally was depicted.
    A year later, a 9/10-year-old foster child named Donna Troy obtains Amazon powers via an ancient magical bronze mirror while a battle is happening between Wonder Woman and Circe.
    13 Years ago, the original Teen Titans form - Donna meets Diana, and is trained by her and they become friends. Donna is 16 years old.
    9 years ago, Donna marries Terry at almost 20 years old
    7.5 years ago, Robert Long is born
    5 years ago, Cassandra Sandsmark becomes Wonder Girl (she received her powers on Themyscria after beseeching a god or goddess, as originally depicted)
    4.5 years ago, Donna and Terry begin divorce proceedings
    4.5 years ago, Cassie is a founding member of Young Justice

    No godhood for any of the Amazons - I'm just not into that. There are a number of other things, but they are completely impossible (not killing Robert, etc.).

    I previously considered making Donna the unknowing child of a god and her wondering if Superman was her father when he appeared, but that just didn't time out.

    As you can tell, it's more important to me that Themyscira remain isolated from the outside world before Steve arrives/Diana leaves than it is for me to have Donna have Amazon culture.
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    I would have Wonder Woman be the same age as Batman and Superman and debut a bit after both of them. Hippolyta was never Wonder Woman.


    Ancient Times: Hippolyta and the Amazons escape and revolt against Ares possessed/influenced Hercules. They leave their old city after the conflict and go to Paradise Island to make their own home away from Man's World.
    Then-modern day: Diana is born.
    2012-2015: Diana comes to Man's World to help Steve and decides to stay. Batman and Superman are already heros and around her age at this time (Mid 20's).
    2014-2017: Donna Troy leaves Themyscira a few years after Diana and tries to be a sidekick before realizing she doesn't want to spend on more of her life under her big sisters shadow and joins the titans. (Donna is probably in her mid-late teens)
    2017-now: Diana takes Cassie under wing after meeting her mom. Cassie joins the Young Justice crew.
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    If we're going with Diana as a century old, I'd revamp the Cheetah by combining all the past versions into one character.

    Priscilla Rich is an aging actress with an intense hatred for women who are younger and more beautiful than her and hates Diana - an actual immortal - most of all. She spends years searching for the way to become immortal herself and gets her hands on an ancient African artifact. By touching it she becomes possessed by the spirit of the Cheetah goddess, whom she initially believes to be a figment of her imagination but eventually realizes that the Cheetah is real and has the power to grant her wish of immortality. There's a catch though: to maintain her immortality Priscilla has to make ritualistic human sacrifices, which she reluctantly.does. But Priscilla doesn't realize that the Cheetah isn't too happy about sharing a body with her and the goddess' true intention is to fully take over. With each new sacrifice she becomes more and more powerful and her influence over Priscilla grows stronger as well. At some point she sets her eyes on Diana, believing that sacrificing her would surely give her enough power to fully take over Priscilla. The Cheetah tells Rich that she can kill Diana for her if she lends her the full control over her body at certain points. Priscilla is happy to oblige, since her hatred for the heroine has only gotten worse over the years. The Cheetah (the costumed form but with superpowers) tries to kill Diana again and again but fails each time. Diana herself never figures out who the Cheetah is and why she wants her dead.

    Some time around the 60's Diana leaves the Man's World. Around the same time Priscilla's never aging body is starting to raise suspicions among people. So she fakes her own death, makes a sacrifice out of her niece, Debbie Domaine, and steals her identity for herself. She does it again a few years later and becomes Sabrina Ballesteros, wife of Sebastian Ballesteros (who also eventually becomes a sacrifice).

    Diana finally returns somewhere in the early 2000's, and once again the Cheetah and Priscilla want her dead. Priscilla adopts the identity of Barbara Minerva and befriends Diana so that she can stab her in the back at the right moment, while the Cheetah (who finally has a werebeast form after getting much stronger over the decades) tries to kill Diana in a more direct way. But at some point Priscilla finally realizes that she's fading away. Now the Cheetah not only has the full control of her Cheetah form but can even briefly take control of her human form at times, forcing her to transform against her will. Priscilla doesn't want to lose herself but also doesn't want to lose her immortality, so she can't just get rid of the Cheetah. After months of research she finally finds something that might help her, a mystical dagger that can merge her and the Cheetah into one being. But she can't get it herself without making the Cheetah suspicious. She tells Diana (for whom she developed a slight affection after being "friends" with her for years) that she's been cursed and needs this dagger to banish the Cheetah from herself. Diana, believing her friend is just an innocent victim of an evil god, agrees to help and gets the dagger for her. Priscilla uses it on herself and becomes a merged being. Now she's permanently stuck in the Cheetah form, having to feed on human flesh in order to survive, but her mind is fully her own.

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