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    Default Voldemort vs The Thing (John Carpenter)

    Fight takes place in a crowded Kings Cross, there is 500 meters and a train between the two of them. This is dog thing.

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    Can't he just blast it once and be done with it?

    Edit: to be clear, seems like Voldy just floats up and slaughters everyone in the train station, Thing included.
    "So full of hate were our eyes
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    Our war would yield countless dead
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    -The Covenant Writ of Union

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    Voldy *should* take this. But I'm not sure he has the feats.

    So, my reasoning is thus:

    1) Avada Kedavra is the only named spell I recall Voldy using. He does a bunch of stuff during his duel with Dumbledore (and, IIRC, in the books zips around so much during that fight that he probably qualifies as a low-end speedster) but we don't know what he uses. Dude *should* know Fiendfyre and be able to win off of that, but I don't believe he has the feat of ever using it.

    2) Avada is a soul-rip or something. It kills its target dead. But when he hits Harry right in the scar, ultimately it takes the bit of Voldy's soul that was trapped there and leaves Harry alive. And unlike humans, the Thing is some sort of supercolonial organism, where even blood samples will act indpendently from the main organism if separated. Basically, I'm not sure if AK kills the whole mass of it, a single cell, or something in between.

    Effectively, without any other spells to his name, Voldy might have to AK *way* more than is honestly feasible in order to win.

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