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    Default Has Jenny Everywhere appeared in any current comics?

    Ran into this character on a forum and thought it's a cool concept. Anyone know if any publishers picked up the character for their comics?

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    I literally cannot think of a major publisher or creator that has used the character prominently in a story. I'm sure there are cameo appearances out there, but anything from a notable comic book company would probably have been listed on that wiki page.

    The character is a neat licensing novelty, but I don't think she's ever going to be a massively used character. Outside of webcomics, and rather obscure print media she's gained little traction in her Seventeen years of existence. She's not much of a character beyond a description, a few early images, and amusing non-owned status. Anywhere she could reasonably fit within a story could just as easily be filled by a character of an artist's own creation.
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