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    Quote Originally Posted by Bound4olympus View Post
    Omg thank you. I thought I was going insane. Like, what kind of last issue was this? lol.
    The kind someone writes who never showed a great handle on the title character to begin with.

    Once again, Diana goes the entire issue never even mentioning her lasso. Her most prized possession, and it never even occurs to her to wonder what Cheetah did with it.

    Or more precisely, it never occurs to GWW that Diana would want to know where it is.

    Gail Simone handled this situation so much better, it’s hard to believe I’m reading the work of someone being paid to write Wonder Woman.
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    I thought this issue was good. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Cheetah and Veronica Cale have been playing Diana all of this time. It makes sense now why Cale was able to hit Cheetah with her dart instead of her just getting "lucky". I also liked how Cheetah bragged about her power-level being in Diana's league which helps to cement her formidability in the DCU. The art was pretty good as well although I'm not sure why Diana was depicted with the sword strap when she doesn't even have her sword any more. The brown really clashes with the other colors in her costume and makes it look too color-busy.
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