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    Default Mothra (Legendary) vs MCU

    Fight takes place in a rain forest

    Mothra Larva vs Captain America, Bucky, Black Widow, and Falcon

    Round 2: add Spiderman

    Next rounds all are in Tokyo

    Round 3:Adult Mothra vs Ironman, Rescue, War Machine, Spiderman

    Round 4: Adult Mothra vs Tobey, Garfield, Holland, Hardy Venom, Riot, and Grace Venom

    Bonus: Rodan vs every Avenger

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    Rounds 1 and 2 probably go to team MCU. Larva Mothra was the smallest Kaiju in MonsterVerse so far and has little to speak of in terms of feats. Should could kill them if she caught them, but with Falcon and Bucky peppering her with explosives, I don't see her surviving the encounter. She seemed to be in pain even from containment team stun weapons. It probably takes then a while, but eventually she gets worn down imo.

    Round 3 is the closest fight in this thread probably. Mothra has plenty of offensive as an adult but little in the way of defense. Her scuffle with Rodan left her on weak and wobbly legs, clearly exhausted and damaged. A single 3 beam blast from Ghidorah disintegrated her.

    Getting close to her is a difficult task seeing as how her wings parted the clouds and disturbed the ocean a kilometer away. That and her bio-luminescence are tricky to overcome. Best guess? War Machine and Spider-Man end up dying in sacrifice plays but not before lighting her up and taking the edge off for Tony and Pepper. Those two are durable and fast enough to harass her from multiple angles while avoiding her stinger. I think after a LONG battle they can wear her down by targeting her wings and eyes. Mileage may vary here.

    Round 4, Mothra should win. She can stay at range and push them around with wind or eventually tangle them up in webs and finish them with her stinger.

    BONUS: Rodan.... CAN lose this fight. Probably would? I dunno.

    Thing is, Pym particle shrinking or Wanda mind control might get him. Or Vision sacrificing himself by phasing into his brain or something. But oh boy the losses they will incur if they aren't careful. A single fly by from Rodan will kill all the fodder, all the low tiers, and most of the mid tiers if they don't defend themselves in time.

    My guess is they use some tricky way to finish him off but not before he scores some kills.
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    Didn't Mothra demonstrate control over electronics? I recall her shutting off electronics. I don't think she can shut off Iron Man's suit, but her electromagnetic interference might mess with his weapons.

    Otherwise, I agree with 98.7% of Arbiter's assessment.
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