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    Quote Originally Posted by Silvermoth View Post
    I’m honoured someone was inspired by my thread in the marvel forum haha.

    This is a bit of a hot take but although I could see namor being more interesting in a democratic society I actually think Aquaman is better with the monarchy.

    - it keeps the lord of the rings/game of thrones type of feel
    - the king of the seas sounds better than the prime minister of the seas
    - Arthur is literally named after King Arthur.

    But I like that we’re chatting about it
    Never forget:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Restingvoice View Post
    It feels like DC kind of ran out of stories.
    But seriously though, I don't mind if there's a motion among Atlantean, either the downtrodden or the manipulative, or the manipulative using the downtrodden, to push for Democracy. That'll be new.
    It would be interesting to see some ghenghis khan type threat from Atlantis. Some remorseless super soldier type who only believes in conquest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    Never forget:

    "Any man who must say, 'I am the king' is no true king."

    - Tywin Lannister

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