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    Default Absolutly confused ...

    Hi everyone ... (CAREFULL: SPOILERS!!)

    started with Hellboy couple of days ago and am totally absolutly confused ...

    Read the first comic books and watched the movies ...
    In the first Film "Father" died ... is alive in the newest Film and dies a different way ...
    .... in the first comic book he dies in a third way ...

    At the end of the third film Abe is discovered ... at that point Father is already dead?
    ... thats out of any logic and does not fit the books or the first film ....

    I'm totally confused because there seems to be absolutly NO continuum at all ...
    not even within the films alone ...

    Can somebody explain that to me?
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    The third film (2019) is unrelated to the films that came before.

    The comics and the movies are likewise separate entities telling separate stories. Sometimes they cover the same general plot points, just in different ways.

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    Hi and welcome

    So the films are based off the comics but are not linked to the Mignolaverse continuity. Don't get messed up trying to link the two.

    There are two phases of films:

    1) Del Toro series -
    • Hellboy (2004)
    • Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)

    2) Reboot (without Del Toro) -
    • Hellboy (2019)

    Comics are the core and the source of everything else. The storylines in the comics are complex with a lot of history and character building. They are fantastic imho. What appeared in the films is very diluted, though still enjoyable in their own right.
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