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    Big, almost everything you've said is bonkers, as others have already pointed out. The one thing of real merit is that they would have a tough time hitting her.

    I am absolutely certain that Rodan could basically ignore "rain fire" in much the same way CM did based on how volleys of modern missiles did squat to him, and more significantly, he literally woke up in an erupting volcano that was sending out shockwaves capable of disturbing fishing boats kilometers away. Not a scratch from either thing. Ghidorah can one shot KO him with a single burst from a single head. He has three heads. If she gets caught by those 3 bursts, she is dead.

    Even if she could inflict damage on Ghidorah (doubtful) he could heal faster then the work she is doing. I say her inflicting damage is doubtful because the dude can ram full speed into the 30k+ ton Rodan, who himself is flying full speed, and take a total of zero damage from it. The force involved in such a collision would be insane. He got shoved but not harmed from Godzilla's atomic breath. Godzilla smashing into him at a full run created city spanning shockwaves and he was fine. He can heal an entire head and neck in minutes. A small wound to an eye, assuming it hurts at all, would be super easy, barely be an inconvenience to heal.

    This isn't even factoring in all the other Titans. I think Ghidorah alone is outside of her scope to kill. Best she can hope for is avoiding each other indefinitely.
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    About this "nuke +" thing:

    It ignores a ridiculously important factor: being next to something exploding omni-directionally is not the same thing as getting hit by a smaller force concentrated on a really tiny area.

    You could stand next to an ounce of TNT exploding standing out in the open and it would hurt, a little. A steel-jacketed 9mm bullet, fired from 10 feet away, would rip straight through you. It's got a minuscule amount of force behind it compared to the explosive, but would do MASSIVELY more damage.

    Another example, we've used on the board before: standing ON an exploding planet and being fine is NOT the same thing as getting hit with a punch that would destroy a planet.

    And one more thing: the power gem is stated and believed to be, without having it's force focused in any shape or form, capable of busting a planet on contact. Said gem, not focused at all and simply touching the most tanky still-living character in the MCU (Thor) is visibly ripping him to shreds. So yeah, a desperation punch amped by said thing is pretty well beyond anything any of these thing have ever tanked. Remember again, the dude who delivered it is strong enough to KO Thor with a headbutt. Said same headbutt doesn't even move Carol's head. At all. So the fact that Thanos isn't as strong as G or G doesn't matter, since Carol IGNORES Thanos' strength without the gem. Are you arguing that the gem doesn't really add all that much to Thanos, despite the visual proof of the contrary?

    On that same vein, nothing either of the big Gs did with their breaths is REMOTELY on the level of that kind of force.

    Anyway, I've made my points, you've presented yours. I've been called crazy and abusive of the board's rules. So I'll leave this one.
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