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    Smile Dante(DMC) Vs Pain(Naruto).

    DMC 1 & 3 Composed Dante Vs Deva & Asura Path.
    Dante with all Weapons and Magic from Both Games.
    No Yamato & Quicksilver/Time Bangle.
    Devil form for 90 Seconds.
    In Character.
    Fight to KO/Death.

    DMC 4 Dante Vs Asura,Preta and Deva Asura Path
    Dante with with All weapons and Magic from DMC 4.
    No Yamato.
    Devil Form allowed for 100 Seconds.
    In Character.
    Fight to KO/Death.

    DMC 5 Dante Vs All Path Supplanted By Nagato.
    All Weapons and Magic for Dante from DMC 5.
    All Abilities for Nagato.
    In Character.
    Fight to Ko/Death.

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    I'm blanking on specific speed feats for Pain but I recall him being quite significant. He might be a bit faster than Dante.


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