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Thread: Spyro vs Alduin

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    Default Spyro vs Alduin

    Round 1: Spyro gets home-field advantage and they fight in... wherever the first Spyro game takes place.

    Round 2: Alduin gets home-field advantage and they fight in Sovngarde.

    Bonus: If Spyro defeats Alduin the Dragonborn shows up. Assuming they've got all of their Shouts unlocked can they defeat Spyro?
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    What are Spyro's feats? Alduin can ignore whatever the Dragonborn throws at him unless he's been called to the ground by a very specific Shout. He can tear the sky open at and drop meteors over vast distances and so forth.
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    Unless this is Remake Spyro, who is capable of remaking planets and the like at his peak, I don't see Alduin having any issue vaporizing him.
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