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    Quote Originally Posted by friendly-fire-press View Post
    Same here. Frank has created, written, drawn some of the most powerful female characters in comics (Elektra, Carrie Kelley, Deadly Miho, Gale, and most recently The Lady in the Lake, to name just a few) ... and for the most part I've liked his portrayals of Wonder Woman.

    There was a time when he was going to be collaborating with Bill Sienkiewicz on a Wonder Woman project, which would've delved into the bondage element of her character
    But unfortunately it didn't eventuate. It would have been a fascinating reading experience. It would be cool to see them collaborate on a Wonder Woman Year One that perhaps touched on this subject, not sure if it will ever happen though. But he did say that Diana will appear in that World War 2 project (along with Superman and Sgt Rock) he's doing with Andy Kubert. Looking forward to that!
    That's all I need to make me say hell no. Just because you can write a strong female character that doesn't mean you can write Wonder Woman. She's completely atypical, as well as the most iconic. She requires proper care and thoughtfulness I can't see him providing.

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    Even some of Miller's "strong female characters" have a great deal of dodgy to outright ugly elements to them like Elektra who is less of a character and more like an amalgamation of tropes that Miller finds appealing (a ninja femme fatale in a skimpy outfit) and Miho is the one-dimensional Asian martial artists stereotype people think Cassandra Cain is.

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