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    telepathy and telekinesis aren’t perfect, they’re manipulations of others and of the world.

    I’d make her mind impossible to read and impossible to confuse. Mental invulnerability to match physical invulnerability. Super strong to match super intellect. Perfect body and mind. Being gorgeous is the lucky part.

    “Flight” would be a secondary mutation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nx01a View Post
    Part of the charm of the St. Croix family is how hopelessly and needlessly convoluted it is.
    that's one take on it. i'm not charmed by it.

    Quote Originally Posted by nx01a View Post
    M having a Penance form works fine for me, paralleling Emma's diamond form.
    why would two completely unconnected characters need that parallel? i have learned to just bite my tongue on Emma's secondary mutation. not sure why Monet needed one so late in the game.

    Quote Originally Posted by nx01a View Post
    Just having Penance as a part of M's mutation simplifies Penny's existence for me instead of the mutant magic-created trap turned independent body.
    no what would be simpler? having Penny just be a mutant with dense skin that made her the perfect food source for Marius St.Croix. then you have a cool extra character to play with. and things are simple. because the penance shell doesn't logically spin out of M's "perfection" power. why would she need a shell if she's pretty much indestructible? why the spiky hair and claws? more to the point, i was there before the team debuted. this was not the creator's intent. Penance was going to be her own person.

    Quote Originally Posted by nx01a View Post
    Maybe M could always become Penance but Emplate just forcefully transformed her into that form semi-permanently.
    which really makes zero sense. he's just an energy vampire.

    Quote Originally Posted by nx01a View Post
    As for the Twins? I'm not sure what can be done with them.
    all of it has really devalued the character for me. there was a time when i would have sworn that Generation X was the height of x-verse creativity. i adored those characters and the stylized art that brought them to life. but now Chamber has that ugly Apocalypse link, Jubilee was a vampire, Paige is making out with Angel & then Toad, and M is far from perfect. they blew it. i'm kind of thankful that Everett and Angelo missed out on all of that. who knows how they would have been butchered?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veitha View Post
    I don't like psionic explanations to her powers (like this or tactile TK and such). Her mutation is being perfect, that's why she has so many superhuman abilities. Perfect mind, perfect body etc.
    This is how I feel. She's the perfect mutant specimen, that's why she has all of those powers.

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