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    I think the villain death is usually more interesting than the hero death. I'll throw in two things.

    Madelyne Pryor in Inferno (and she was a team member and did adventures, so if you want, count it as an X-Men death). When everything that played out really from Dark Phoenix until then, the revelations concerning Mr. Sinister, man, everything was a punch to the gut. I could really sympathize with her anger at so many different people.

    Then the stuff with Stryfe in X-Cutioner's Song. Another bitter villain, much less justification, but with him, Prof. X's oh crap moment when he realizes what Stryfe was talking about in his Strike Files was great.

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    Doug’s death was really affecting, I thought. From the effect on the other students, who you remember are just kids, and the guilt they feel, to Magneto having to tell his parents a fake version of what happened.

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