Another Year of the Villain tie-in is here and based one of my favorite antiheroes. Black Adam had a pretty interesting history since Geoff Johns took over him and a lot of it is implemented appropriately here.

Paul Jenkins handles this one-shot and that's a name that I haven't heard in a long time, not since the beginning of the New 52 I believe and I'm glad he's back. Jenkins creates a story where not really Black Adam but Kahndaq is the protagonist and he developes the idea of such Nation in an effective manner, showcasing how its people are its true strength, even above its ruler. Jenkins even manages to create a solid enough mythology about the setting which I wish it was further explored in the future.

The plot creates a kinda different Black Adam, one that is more understanding and compassionate than his usual self, this is not bad actually since it presents him in a more complex and interesting manner but it makes me wonder why was this a Year of the Villain tie-in since Black Adam here is anything but a villain. The conflict with Billy Batson is equally engaging and the writer explores their different visions nicely.

Inaki Miranda handles the art and is decent, at times it might look a bit rough but it follows the story clearly.

Pretty solid read. Wouldn't mind Jenkins writing more about the character in the future.