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    Default Burning Godzilla (Heisei) vs. Burning Godzilla (MonsterVerse)

    The original versus the recent recreation.

    Bonus: No time limit on the recent versions burning state.
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    I think both Godzillas being ticking time bombs make for an exciting rumble. It'd be worth the price of admission alone. With the countdown to nuclear armageddon winding down, I think it comes down to who can absorb the other's radiation first. MonsterVerse Godzilla tanked multiple nukes to the face and found their radiation positively delicious. Heisei Godzilla became Burning Godzilla because he was exposed to Birth Island's uranium deposits oversaturating his cells with radiation. While it's true both Godzillas have limitations, MonsterVerse's strikes me as being on a higher level. Burning MonsterVerse Godzilla is demonstrably more lethal, too. His mere presence was melting skyscrapers. And while Heisei Burning Godzilla is extremely durable, I don't think he's massively more durable than MonsterVerse King Ghidorah. What's even more damning is despite feeding off radiation, Heisei Godzilla has been harmed by radioactive attacks. Last I checked, MonsterVerse Godzilla never has.
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    Yeah Going with Legendary.

    He murder stomped Ghosorah faster than Hesei did with Destroyah. Also yeah Radiation does not hurt Legebdary and legendary actually fights on melee while Heisei Godzilla, not so much. ( Does not need it, Monsterverse is waaaay hotter, melting and burning stuff from aura.)

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    Heisei Burning form will kill Godzilla eventually. Monsterverse Burning form doesn't have the same weakness. Godzilla was only in danger of dying after Doctor Serizawa juiced him up too much with the bomb to the point he'd suffer meltdown, and Burning form came about after Mothra sacrificed herself to give him the powerup (or at least, that's the way it seems).
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