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    Quote Originally Posted by Jman27 View Post
    your autocorrect mess you up and I would love a Spidey/Venom team up book after this he writes their dynamic so well
    Lmfao I just saw that. I’m just leaving it as is for the hell of it. Guess my iPhone doesn’t care much for this story.

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    I am continuing to love this series! It's a lot of fun and Cates is definitely one of my favorite writers at the moment. I have never read a solo Venom title and really didn't care for Eddie much at all, but Cates has changed all of that!
    I agree that one day I hope he gets a chance to write more Peter as he nails the character.
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    I predicted that something like this would happen, with Venom absorbing codices himself. I wonder if by the end of the story, both Venom and Carnage will have morphed into dragon-like creatures similar to what Knull used to get to Earth.
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    I personally hope that, in the final issue, we will see Sleeper bonding with Eddie's kid. It's going to be crazy!!!!

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    If Carnage is doing the whole "Hive Mind" thing then Miles could have easily found out about the codices when Maker got "Carnaged"

    Though it's telling that even with all the continuity errors this is still a bad ass event. I seriously love Eddie and Peter's dynamic now.

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