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    Default Supporting characters - Fav 5 and from which era

    Now list your 5 favorite SUPPORTING characters and from which era they come from.

    Lucy Lane - from Silver age, Jimmy’s girlfriend & sister of Lois.

    Alfred Pennyworth - any era.

    Silver St. Cloud - best of all Bruce Wayne’s girlfriends.

    Mr. Jupiter - from Jurgens’ Teen Titans

    Kathy Kane / Original Batwoman -

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    Paco and Brenda from the 2006 Blue Beetle
    Carol Bucklen from Impulse (1996-early 00s)

    if not too prominent
    Lois Lane from bronze age and parts of nineties and rebirth
    Stephanie Brown from 1990s-early 2000s Robin series

    If those two are two prominent then
    Jaime's parents from 2006 Blue Beetle - just a great cast in that one

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    Shade (Robinson's Sandman)
    Oberon (Kirby Mr. Miracle & JLI eras)
    Father Richard Craemer (Ostrander's Spectre)
    Professor Julia Kapatelis (Perez Wonder Woman)
    Hob Gadling (Gaiman's Sandman)

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    Carol Ferris - she's been so up and down, she's had hi-lights and lo-lights in each era.
    Death from "Sandman"
    Lenny from "Shade, the Changing Man"
    Shade from "Starman"
    Commissioner Gordon - almost any era

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    Alfred Pennyworth - pretty much any version that's quiet and reserved and 'proper' but has a sneaky dry wit. I don't care for Frank Miller's Dark Knight, or the Nolan Bat-trilogy, but both gave great Alfred.

    Rene Brande - 80's Legion benefactor (well, he's always been the Legion's benefactor, but I liked him best in the 80s).

    Sue Dibney - I got a fun 'Scooby Doo' vibe watching her tag along with her super-husband, solving mysteries.

    Steve Trevor - during the short 'Justice League of America' run recently-ish (the team with Martian Manhunter, Catwoman, Steve Trevor, etc.), he seemed like an interesting character, pretty much for the first time ever. Sadly he was kind of a dud / boring lump of 'guy-candy' in the Wonder Woman movie.

    Simon Valentine - from the short******d Superboy / Conner Kent series. His mad science and enthusiam and 'parasite-frogs' where just hilarious.

    Shoot, I ran out of room before I got to Amanda Waller... Oh well, she'd probably send someone to kill me if I called her a 'supporting' anything!

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    1. Lois Lane
    2. Alfred Pennyworth
    3. Steve Trevor
    4. Tom Curry
    5. Amanda Waller

    Not counting costumed characters here

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    Alfred Pennyworth (Tim Burton era and Gotham TV show)
    Lucy Lane (Supergirl - movie and TV)
    Steve Trevor (Wonder Woman TV show - He seemed more of a co-star in the movie)
    Supergirl (Smallville)
    Cat Grant (Lois & Clark - again she was more of a co-star on Supergirl the Supergirl TV show)
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    1. Etta Candy- Golden Age
    2. Renee Montoya - Modern Age
    3. Alfred Pennyworth- any age
    4. Jimmy Olsen- Silver Age
    5. James Gordon- any age

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    Alfred Pennyworth, any era, including the bumbling Golden Age one, excepting the Superheavy arc.
    Steve Trevor, Chris Pine and the shirtless babyface that Rucka made.
    Julia Kapatelis, Diana's teacher, translator, and mother figure in George Perez run
    Lois Lane, Golden Age, Tomasi, Byrne, Morrison, honestly all the ones I've read have been good.
    Commissioner Gordon, any era except the ones where he's depicted as not smart or one note

    Honorable mentions
    Clayface's daughter that Tim had a crush on BTAS
    Myndi Mayer, Diana's publicist in George Perez run
    Ma Kent, anytime she answers Batman's glare with an apple pie, so Injustice
    Lucius Fox, Morgan Freeman version

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    1. Mary Marvel (Peter David era on Supergirl)
    2. Lois Lane (Loeb/McGuinness era on Superman)
    3. Amy Rohrbach (C. Dixon/Devin Grayson era on Nightwing)
    4. Poison Ivy (Kesel/Dodson era on Harley Quinn)
    5. Tara Morgan (Mike Grell era on Warlord)
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    1. Robin: From the 1940 introduction until the name change, but especially during the late 1960s-late 1970s, when he was more a guest star, but a highly self-actualized one
    2. Hawkgirl: From her 1940 introduction through the cancellation of All-Flash. While she was clearly Hawkman's supporting player, she was one of the few who wasn't made weak to help him look strong, or robbed of ideas of her own to make him look more clever. Especially impressive for the time in which she was created.
    3. Sue Dibny: From her introduction-the 1980s. I've always loved The Thin Man films, and adored using Elongated Man to adapt the idea
    4. Lois Lane: any era outside the late 1940s-early 1970s, when she had two settings (swooning and scheming). This is the OG of comics supporting characters.
    5. Big Barda: any era. The notion of the gf being much more dangerous than the hero was really novel.

    A special honorable mention has to go to Hawkwoman: Shayera Thal, from the 1960s-1987, which was pretty much the end of her as we knew her. I'd drop Hawkgirl and put Shayera at the top of my list, but Hawkwoman was more Hawkman's equal partner than his supporting player.

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    Sue Dibny - JLDetroit/JLEurope
    Catherine Cobert - JLEurope
    Dale Gunn - JLDetroit
    Maxwell Lord - JLInternational
    Oberon - JLInternational
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    Lois Lane
    Commissiner Gordon
    Alfred Pennyworth
    Jimmy Olsen
    Lana Lang

    All eras.

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