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What's this, dear reader ? It seems I have been spotted, by Arbitus Twoamus.

No need to be alarmed however, as I am at no immediate risk of becoming its next meal. As a trap-laying predator, it is unwilling to confront a potential threat directly unless forced; and will instead use one if its many defense mechanisms to avoid confrontation of which it has several.

What will it be I wonder ?

Oh what joy !

It would seem that the Arbitus has turned to its tried and true defense mechanism: summoning a larger predator. A tactic fairly commonly used in the comic book habitat; and one that was fairly succinctly summarised in the Documentary, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

*sighs, then unveils two skyscraper-sized shears that swiftly behead the jabbering juggernaut of an Elder God* Go back to Discovery.