Iím locked up all day like weíre supposed to be in this crisis but I take a long walk each day to break the monotony. If someone starts walking towards me on the side walk I go to the other side of the street to keep my social distance from them. If there are people on both sides of the street I walk down the middle of the street. This worked fine until I was bending down to pick up some pine cones which my wife uses for arts and crafts. When I stood back up there was this guy a few inches walking right by me. I was mad but said nothing because he might have been one of those guys that wants a fist fight every time they are criticized. Getting into a fist fight would really violate social distancing.

So some people arenít taking social distancing seriously but squirrels are taking it seriously. On my walks whenever I get near a squirrel they dash away to keep their social distance, in fear of the virus. And the squirrels must have told the robins because robins are keeping their distance, too. I know what you are thinking, squirrels and robins canít get Covid 19 so they donít need to social distance but maybe the squirrels and the robins are worried about species to species transmission. After all, thatís what scientists think caused the Covid pandemic in the first place. Bat to man transmission, so there could be man to robin transmission.
Bat to man. Man to robin. Batman and Robin.