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    Quote Originally Posted by Superbat View Post
    The most progressive senator in the country should have retired so you wouldn't have to read posts you don't like on a comic book forum.

    Anti-Bernie people have the best priorities.
    Yes, like trying to focus on the impeachment trial that Bernie's currently at, as opposed to impotently throwing a tantrum about how he lost in 2016.

    Eyes on that. Because the Democratic impeachment managers are running circles around Trump's legal team (WHO FORGOT TO BRING THEIR VIDEO PRESENTATION BECAUSE THEY SUCK THAT MUCH).
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    Anyone thinking of sitting out 2020 because their paragon of choice didn't get selected might as well not bother with 2024 either.

    It won't matter by then.

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    The first day of the impeachment trial is ending with some FIRE from Rep. Jerry Nadler, and it rattled both Jay Sekulow and Pat Cipollone so bad they ended their day shrieking like common Kavanaughs.

    Chief Justice Roberts actually intervened to remind them to adhere to rules of respectful discourse.
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    SMH. Let's get one thing clear, once and for all. Yes, the fix was in for the Democratic nomination in 2016. THE FIX HAS ALWAYS BEEN IN! They always support the most establishment candidate. In 2016, that happened to be Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders knew that going in and accepted it, but some of his supporters deluded themselves into believing it would be a level playing field, so when they found it wasn't, they cried foul. But seriously, when you agree to play a game, you ought to read up on the rules, whether or not you think they're fair.

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