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    Quote Originally Posted by Beadle View Post
    Killer Croc is laughing his arse off.
    At least there are versions of Bane that would stomp Spiderman. Killer Croc, not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heretic View Post
    If Parker is the same condition of illness and exhaustion Wayne was at the time of the legendary confrontation?

    Bane has a remote chance. Very remote. If he has much gear and tons of luck. Possibly.
    I find it more plausible that Parker accidentally maims or kills Bane if he's in Bruce's situation than actually losing on account of it takes more effort to hold back when a casual swat could legitimately break a neck

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    Last I saw, Bane was capable of palming solid boulders bigger than Batman and throwing them upwards around twenty feet, hard enough to break through cement walls, IIRC. I might be conflating some feats, though.
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    The thing about Spider-man is he's made a career of beating (in several cases flat out pummeling) guys far stronger than him because of Spider-sense and speed.

    Even if Bane gets the power up, will he be fast enough to hang with Peter?
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