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    Default Alfred dead? Discussion

    It was reported by bleedingcool that Alfred was originally not going to die as a result of Batman #77 but then it seem that someone higher up changed their mind and choose to have the dead stick

    Im not actually asking if he died or will remain dead after the events of City of Bane
    we will see when it happens when it happens

    the point of this thread is to discuss
    what would you think if Alfred remains dead?

    I for one hate the idea for a couple of reasons
    Mainly because, if the report is accurate, this was not actually the intension of the story that King wanted to tell and therefor it seems like a a forced element on it.

    Take for example the Joker cutting off Alfred's hand

    I actually thought that this was great when it happen because it really felt like a permanent change for him, yes, even more permanent than him dieing
    the execution of it was well done and it did had the opportunity of making something interesting for Alfred, kinda like we may see how Alfred deals with this on his own.
    now, the reality is that this actually never matter.
    for some weird reasons almost all comics that had Alfred after losing his hand show him somehow with his hand hidden. this on multiple places. you just cant see Alfred with a missing limb or even a prostetic anywhere.
    almost as if DC was ashame of it.
    and then he just regrew a hand completely out of nowhere, no even a cool robot arm, it sucks!

    so how can we be invested on him being gone if DC didnt even took a chance with the last big change that Alfred had?
    how can we honestly buy that he is gone when pretty much everyone comes back eventually in a Batman comic?

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    I am sure that Batman said that Alfred send one signal after this scene.(like if they killed a different person).. But now they say that Alfred is dead..

    Probably he will return to the life with the Lazarus Pit like in Injustice:

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