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    Question the Secret [fan-generated] History of the DC universe!

    I saw this over on the DC reddit, so I decided to talk about your personal headcanons, our own personal story elements or character histories not [yet] supported by DC Comics canon. do you believe Hal Jordan doesn't have health insurance? Maybe Jason Todd is an anti-vaxxer? Or maybe the secret ingredient in Oliver Queen's chilli is a nice mixture of GMO beef and MSG? take your best shot and let us know your favourite headcanons!

    lemme share some of the headcanons from over on the /r/DCcomics:

    MegasNexal84 - As a purely one-sided competition with Batman, Green Arrow pushed Roy to train harder and harder, after seeing how capable Dick Grayson was not only as Robin but as the leader of the titans. The combined stress of living up to Olies expectations, as well as competing with Dick, and being left alone whenever Ollie was with Hal, all formed Roy's dive into drugs.

    He has only told one other person the truth. The one person he feels also couldn't live up their mentors expectations in the end; Jason Todd

    AtsyTLF - G'nort is the strongest green lantern but he's unfortunately too much of a dumbass to show it off

    snakefanclub - In the 25th century, Disney owns the rights to all forms of motion picture, and as such, the word 'movie' is antiquated. So when Booster Gold decided that he wanted to see a film in the 20th century, he was incredibly confused when his request to "see a Disney" ended up with his viewing a film about cuddly singing animals.

    my headcanons - Duke Thomas (the Signal) thoroughly believes he would be vampire proof, due to his photokinetic vision he thinks he can kill them with a stare. Batman makes sure to keep him in the dark about all things vampire related in the DC universe for his own safety.

    Martian Manhunter has had male human lovers, in fact all aliens races have had "same sex"/queer relationships on earth due to not being raised on earth-based heteronormative notions of sexuality
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    There's an alternate timeline where Crisis on Infinite Earths didn't happen. The Earth-2 JSA and Infinity, Inc. are still around, and Maxwell Lord reformed the Satellite League instead of JLI (but many of the JLI members would join the new Satellite League).

    Silver Sorceress is really Sindella (Zatanna's mother), who had relocated to Angor.

    Justice League Dark is really Shadowpact.

    Identity Crisis didn't happen.

    The 1991 JSA mini-series happened on Earth-2 after the last Golden Age JSA issue of All-Star Comics.

    Marvel's Asgard and DC's Apokolips and New Genesis share the same space in an area outside both the DC and Marvel universes. But in different eras, with Apokolips and New Genesis formed from a destroyed Asgard. Just like how Kirby originally intended. (This essentially would put the Marvel Universe as 'long ago in a galaxy far, far away...' in relation to the DC Universe.)
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