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    Default Moneypenny the movie?

    Reportedly Naomie Harris and Barry Jenkins are looking to working on a spin-off together. (She's currently doing interviews for her new cop film).

    Apart from the current comic books (Which have included a Monepypenny comic book, and the version of Moneypenny is pretty clearly baed on Harris) though there's never been any James Bond spin-off films, although in the past there were tentative plans for fellow agents like Felix Leiter (played by many actors), Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh from Tomorrow Never Dies) and Jinx (Halle Berry). It was also originally planned that Wai Lin would be the Chinese intelligence officer who helps Bond in the film in Hong Kong (after initially thinking that he's spying on them) In Die Another Day.

    The current Moneypenny of course first played by Harris in Skyfall, giving the character a sort of "origin story" as a field agent named Eve who accidentally shoots Bond in the teaser, and later helps him in Macau with a shave and at the Casino; at the end of the movie of course her last name is revealed as well as her familiar desk job. She also helps Bond in "Spectre", in part covering for his unauthorized mission and identifying the "Pale king" as Mr. White.

    Harris's Moneypenny is of course far more action-heavy than her three (or four if you count Pamela Salem from Never Say Never Again) predecessors who, for the most part, had a sort of trope of flirting with Bond and ringing him in, and like Naomi, ocassionally covering for Bond, such as softening Bond's "resignation" in OHMSS, not letting her boss know Bond was with an Italian agent in Live and Let Die, or getting Q to help him in out in License to Kill. Info and opinions on a variety of interests.

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    It would be enjoyable, but I don't predict the Bond Producers moving forward with it.

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    They could expand the "00" universe by making it a series -- put it on Starz and pair it with "Pennyworth" - MoneyPennyworth night. Done.

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    I'd rather a mary goodnight movie.....

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