So I just watched Batman vs Ninja Turtles on Dvd and really enjoyed it. It had a good mix of humor and action and the plot wasnt bad. I am going to go get the Batman Ninja Turtles crossover comics so I can read them. But I got to thinking what other heroes would it be cool if the Turtles teamed up with. I have a couple.

Spiderman - The Lizard is on the losse again and has hidden in the sewers of New York. While searching for him Spiderman across the lair of the Ninja Turtles. They team up to stop the villain.

Xmen - This crossover would have the original five Xmen. The papers have reports of mutants hiding in the sewers. Professor X sends the Xmen to investigate and maybe recruit the mutants to his school. But also searching for the mutants is Magneto. The groups find the Ninja Turtles. Angry that they are not pure mutants Magneto and his Brotherhood attack and the Xmen must defend them. Maybe introduce the Murlocks here as well.

Daredevil - The group the hand is being attack by a mysterious group of ninja known as The Foot. Caught in the middle of this war are Daredevil and his new allies The Ninja Turtles.

SO what do you think? Who do you want the Turtles to team up with?