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    Quote Originally Posted by Air Wave View Post
    Is this World's Finest? I remember another scene with Dinah topless, though with her hair covering her nipples, ya know, like a mermaid.
    In comics, hair naturally falls over the (female) nipples. Its a law of physics

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    I remember Grell drawing a very explicit sex scene between Dinah and Ollie when they were trying to conceiver.

    In terms of publication history, who were the 'firsts' of the popular heroes? I think for Bruce, the first time we saw it on panel was him and Silver. For Dick it would have to be Kory. For Ollie it was probably Dinah. For Clark, Lois.

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    Well, here's what I have so far for the milestones.

    1974 Superboy #201 - Dream Girl wakes up in bed, and there is something next to her, clearly a hidden Star Boy.
    1976 Superman #297 - Clark & Lois have a romantic night. The next morning Lois is wearing the same dress as the day before.
    1978 World’s Finest #250 - Ollie & Dinah are shown wearing wearing bathrobes post-coitus.
    1984 The New Teen Titans v2 #1 - Dick & Kory are shown naked in bed together.

    Still be interested in finding Batman and other "player" characters were first shown. The consensus seems to be that Batman was with Silver.

    It's also interesting what was accepted back in the day. The act of sexual intercourse was taboo, but cheesecake art and total objectication of women was totally okay. Just look at that image of Dream Girl on page 2. On Star Trek, they had to slyly suggest that Captain Kirk had sex twice, but the women on each planet were always in bikinis!
    Also, before any of the above mentioned dates, in 1970, the Black Canary was kidnapped by the Penguin and stripped down to her underwear, basically just to be eye candy.
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