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    Default Image Comics January 2020 Solicitations

    Image is starting the new year off with a new ongoing and a new miniseries:

    Protector #1
    From SIMON ROY (Prophet), Sideways Award-winning author DANIEL M. BENSEN (Junction), ARTYOM TRAKHANOV, JASON WORDIE (GOD COUNTRY), and HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOU (Red Sonja) comes a sci-fi adventure equal parts Conan the Barbarian, Mad Max, and The Expanse. Of all the tribes that dwell in the hot ruins of far-future North America, the Hudsoni reign supreme, but even they fear and obey the godlike Devas. When the Devas warn of an old-world demon in the conquered city of Shikka-Go, Hudsoni war chief First Knife decides to deal with the threat personally.

    The Clock #1 (of 4)
    Within three weeks, hundreds of millions of healthy people worldwide contract various forms of aggressive cancer, and the proliferation, seemingly a viral outbreak, stumps the best scientific minds available. But after a leading cancer researcher loses his wife and watches his nine-year-old daughter begin to succumb to the same illness, he must race against the clock to end a global conspiracy that could propel the world straight into WWIII...or worse.

    I'll be pulling:

    Crowded #11
    Gideon Falls #20
    Manifest Destiny #40
    Monstress #25
    Spawn #305
    Undiscovered Country #3

    What will you be pulling?

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    Thanks for posting these!
    I'm interested in Protector since there's still a Prophet-shaped hole in my heart.

    Also considering The Clock by virtue of its nice cover, and I prefer mini-series nowadays.

    Speaking of nice covers: Undiscovered Country #3 and Sonata #7 both have great ones. Anyone reading these series? (Suppose the former isn't out 'til next month.)

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    Image continues to fail to attract me, alas: sticking with my three titles from months past--
    Criminal, Dead Eyes, & Trees (last issue, though).
    Right now (at least, this previews) it's Dark Horse getting most of my attention, with five titles for Jan.
    Age/Bronze, Age/Reptiles, Alex&Ada, Anne Bonnie, Astro City, Bone, Briggs Land, Cerebus, Criminal, Courtney Crumrin, Eleanor & the Egret, Fables, Fatale, Fell, Grass Kings, Green Valley, Goon, Gotham Midnight, Groo, Hellboy, Hillbilly, Incognegro, Jack Staff, JL8, Jonah Hex, Kane, Lazarus, Little Nemo, Lone Wolf, Next Wave, Popeye, Powers, Princess Ugg, Resident Alien, SiP, Squirrel Girl, Stray Bullets, 10G, Thief of Thieves, Tuki, Usagi, Velvet

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    I'm going with

    SaFe SeX 5 and maybe Undiscovered Country 3 depending on next week's first issue and how it sits with me.

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