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    Joe Chill doesn't want to leave a witness but can't bring himself to kill a kid so he kidnaps Bruce. Stockholm Syndrome leads to the mentally damaged Bruce sympathising with Chill and even helping him commit crimes. When Bruce is eventually grabbed by the cops and returned to Alfred to be raised as heir to the Wayne dynasty he finds himself slipping back into his criminal ways. A genius billionaire is a tough criminal to stop. The only hope might be a vigilante with a killer smile...
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    11. "The Batman" spends his entire career as an urban legend whose existence is continually publicly denied by police and politicians.

    Batman works best as an urban boogeyman to criminals, not as a world-famous celebrity Justice Leaguer. He's never clearly caught on audio or video. No photo of the Batman exists anywhere. Bruce spends a lot of time, effort, and money to be one step ahead of the latest recording technologies.

    12. The Batmobile is the only vehicle Batman has, but it can go anywhere on Earth.

    Instead of 10 different vehicles in the Batcave, there's only one but it's a doozy. This Batmobile has at least 7 different modes: on-road, off-road, on-water*, under-water, copter, jet, and climber**. No matter the mode, this batmobile always looks like the scuttler from the Lego Batman movie, aka a giant bat.

    * - basically bat-ski-boat that can also travel on snow and sand

    ** - can quietly scale up or down buildings or other vertical surfaces

    13. Vicki Vale is the Reaper, aka the Red Death.

    Merging aspects of the Phastasm and Prometheus into the mix here, but Vicki is the dark mirror reflection of Bruce: born into wealth, witnessed violent tragedy, lives a double life, but took a much harder line against criminals, has a strict must-kill code, and has successfully murdered more criminals in Gotham City than anyone. Figured out Bruce's secret but never said anything. Never caught until the end of the saga.
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