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    Default Overwatch 2

    Overwatch 2 will be announced at BlizzCon 2019 on November 2nd. Right now it's being leaked everything as a badly-kept secret apparently. It lines up with what was leaked in the past, and it was known OW2 was in development for a while.

    Here's what we believe to know:
    • Will feature PvE based on the story and lore of the world. Think like an expanded version of the Archives events. The first one is in Rio de Janeiro, where the reformed Overwatch is liberating the city of Vishkar/Talon influence.
    • Everyone features new looks distinct from their original appearance.
    • Updated graphics across the board.
    • It will still have PvP as always.
    • PvE features special skills and RPG elements.
    • Skins from OW won't transfer to OW2.
    • Everyone from OW will make the roster to OW2.
    • There will be new heroes as well. Two of which include Sojourn (an established character from Canada) and Echo (from the McCree cinematic). No new heroes will be released for OW.
    • OW2 will likely serve as a replacement to OW. OW support is likely to get scrapped in favor of OW2.
    • There's a new game mode called Push, the map taking place in Toronto, Canada.
    • It was decided to make OW2 to revitalize the game, as opposed to the general idea of updating the base game forever. Many have left, while this would be a fresh start bringing in new players.
    • OW will be free to play from now on.
    • It is planned for a 2020 release.

    Leaked images:

    What do you guys think?

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    Overwatch was always the leftovers from Project Titan after it got canned, would assume Overwatch 2 will be more in line with the original vision

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    It seems like the only things it actually adds are the PVE missions and the updated, but not necessarily better, visual designs. All the PVP maps and characters are shared with the original game, so calling it a sequel seems odd. Personally it means little to me, Overwatch 1 has some incredibly strong character designs but is the worst feeling FPS on PC to me, so seeing as how there will be zero mechanical changes to the game it doesn't appeal to me at all. Well that and fuck Blizzard anyway.

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    I'm most curious about the story missions. I wonder a little bit about the Null sector redesign. Does the whole white color scheme mean thier allied with Talon?

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