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Yeah, color me confused here too about Lois’s age.

Amy Adams is 45 years old and regularly shows up women half her age in terms of her appearance. Not to be crude but her cleavage alone is legendary. I just saw a video of her that her husband posted this morning and that woman is as gorgeous as ever.

Obviously Adams is likely not playing Lois Lane anymore because the DCEU is done. But I’m not sure I get why Lois being 3-5 years older than she’s supposed to be now is an issue.

Women over 40 don’t just dry up and fade away to dust, you know. Believe it or not but hot men still want to have sex with them and be married to them. Crazy, I know. LOL
I feel like everybody is reading what I'm trying to say backwards.

Based on the leaked 1G -> 5G timeline, Lois isn't just 3-5 years older. She's potentially 70 years old based on Clark's first appearance as Superboy in the 50's.

I DON'T want Lois made irrelevant and eventually killed because her human biology doesn't allow her to keep up with Clark's slower-ageing biology.
I DO want her around, and I DO want her to continue to be an active part of the mythos. That's why I was trying to come up with a scenario that DOES keep her 40-ish where she can be a vital player, not 70-ish where she will potentially be rarely seen or shunted off into rarely-seen land.