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Yeah, that's what I mean. The stuff you were talking about earlier, the topical/social issues.....I wasn't talking about that at all. Of course you can do that sort of commentary in a fantastical setting (and countless stories do just that). You don't even need allegory; a fantastical world can still have drugs and rape and human trafficking, and it doesn't necessarily even have to look different from reality's. A fantastical setting can still be overrun with crack.

All I was saying is that a setting that isn't bound by modern society can change in a way the standard DCU can't. A fantastical setting can evolve and show us that Superman's message is getting out, it can show changes to social norms and technology and we can see that Clark really is making a quantifiable difference. A setting that has to reflect our own world can't do that; which means Superman can't really change the world.

The real question becomes, I guess, if Superman did exist in a setting that was allowed to feel his influence, what does that look like? If Metropolis starts out like the City from Transmetropolitan, what does it look like after Superman's been there for ten years? Or twenty?
Well, in 10 years I imagine it to be a transforming city.
one) it should show both negative and positive effects. I imagine superman and his actions to be alot chaotic(cough! Cough! Vigilante on the loss with powers) to the world like luffy himself. His chaos will bring order, later on. For example, clark will destroy some structures that have become shackles and help people to replace it . But the key difference will be luffy professed that he is not a hero and does not want to become one, even though he loves heroes. He admits to being too selfish for that. Clark on the other hand wouldn't mind being a hero. The guy would die for others. Gotham also shows this by having the escalation problems.There will be alot of meta people coming out of the closet . I imagine Clark's existence make people more excepting of differences. But, there will be pockets of that want to push back and lash out against change. Also, i imagine there will be alot of collateral damage and questioning of Clark's elligence and him not to conforming rules. But, clark and luffy share the same trait in that they will never be subservient to any authority,unless they choose to give themselves up. I also imagine clark to play a role like franky for the thugs of the city and punks. Giving them direction thats good for their self respect . In the show franky basically beats every thug and becomes their leader. He also builts a ship Breaking place and gig for them.

Two) technology, i would expect normal diseases like cancer will be being tackled. But, cures will be there. I imagine clark pushing for healthcare as a human right. But, superdiseases may have entered like doomsday virus. These are ofcourse manmade creation. escalation would be hard for even superman to handle. And humans like to tinker. It will have large economy. But, distribution will still be a work in progress. Clark cherises all life. Environment will be one of the key things he will be work on. I imagine a more ecofrendly environment. Clark likes colours. Hippy culture and arts would be there. but it will have less anger and frustration behind it. Lex will also be either in jail or would be trying to compete with clark for influence by himself making new technologies for the people.but,his services will have catch. I imagine him playing the devil who whispers in ears. I also imagine literal aliens, economic immigrants to start living in Metropolis as well. Which also leads to immigration resistance. There will also tiffs between cultures. Taking good aspects from different cultures would still be an ongoing process.