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    Default When Do These Issues of Batman Legends of the Dark Knight Take Place?

    Hi, I need help figuring out when specific issues of Legends of the Dark Knight occur in Batman history.

    The issues I'm referring to are:

    Legends of the Dark Knight Annual 1, "Duel"

    Legends of the Dark Knight 41, "Sunset"

    Legends of the Dark Knight 55, "Watchtower"


    Legends of the Dark Knight 80, "Idols"

    I am well aware that many of these events are non canon due to DC's numerous reboots and Zero Hour, Rebirth shenanigans, but I'm explicitly talking about Post Crisis continuity here.

    Thank you.

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    Well, if Batman is without Robin you can consider it's happenning in the early years of batman.

    Duel was published in January 91, so after Grant Morrison's Batman: Gothic
    Sunset was published in January 93, so right before the Knightfall event.
    Watchtower (#55-57) was published in Dec 93 to Feb 94, so in parralled to the Knightquest event.
    Idols (#80-82) was published in Feb-May 93, so between the 2 big stories Contagion and Legacy.

    But I would consider them beeing part of earlier times of Batman. The Legends of The Dark Knight is never part of event and crossovers.

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    Actually, Legends regularly crossed over with the main titles and contrary to popular belief was intended to be just as canonical.

    Duel can take place at any point after Batman meets Talia and while he still has the classic yellow oval suit. Batman expresses familiarity with the Obeah Man so it's probably after Detective Comics 621.

    Sunset takes place extremely early in Batman's career, while he is still wanted by the police. It is supposedly his first encounter with a vampire but Batman and the Mad Monk also claims this distinction.

    Idols says Batman has been around for two years and at one point there is a calendar set to the month of June, so it could be June of Year 3.

    Not sure about Watchtower off the top of my head.
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    Watchtower is a possible future. Gordon and Batman are close to retirement age.
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