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    Default The future of comics.

    What do you think the industry will look like 10-20 years from now? Do you think floppies will still be around? Do you think they will even still be published or will their corporate masters simply use them as IP farmhouses for things like movies and TV shows? What form do you think comics will take? Do you think the Big Two will still be dominant? Or even still around? What about Mangas? Will OGNs be the norm? Will comic shops just be like antiques stores? Places people go to get back issues because new ones aren't being published anymore? iMost of the stuff that interests me these days is out of continuity. Which may not bode well for the future of continuity.
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    I think that it will move to digital format sooner rather then later. Floppies will be rare though they will still print Graphic Novels hard back books. I think the big two will still be dominant. I dont see image or Idw over talking them. I think that sooner or later comic book stores will be rare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbaron View Post
    I think the big two will still be dominant.
    The big two aren't dominant now. 69% of the comics market is manga and YA GNs.

    Comics will be fine. Just not necessarily in the form we currently know them.

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