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To be fair, it's a time-travel story about a future that is constantly being tweaked. This could just take place before the Slott/PAD runs.

Or, the entire future of 2099-2100 and Slott/PAD's runs could now be an alternate 2099 future, and THIS 2099 is another 2099 very similar to the one from Slott/PAD's runs but without those events happening.

TBH, I'm pretty uninspired by yet more Spidey 2099. Is it really that fertile ground for exploration that we need another relaunch so soon? And using ASM to do so again?

The costume is rad, though, and Gleeson looks to have a fresh lease on life away from DC.
With the way DC screwed him over with Superman, I'm not surprised that he's giving his all to Spider-Man.