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    Default Martian Manhunter Appreciation 2019

    I´m seeing many "appreciation" to many characters, since known ones (in comic fandom or general public) to underrated/minor... but there´s no Martian Manhunter and that it gets me sad, he´s one of the JL founders (although DC insists on replace him with Cyborg in New 52), he has Batman skills (Detective side) and Superman´s powers + his own like shapeshifting, telepathy, etc.

    He has one of the best gallery rogues, backstory, indeed is one of the deepest and coolest characters, even has a funny side like his thing with Oreos.

    There´s really no one who loves him? Please prove me I´m wrong about it.

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    I actually like Martian Manhunter - DC definitely screwed up imo in taking him out of the JLA equation for New52. I really like the aspect of the detective persona as one of his many roles in the DCU. So much potential and DC doesn’t seem to know how to mine it - I think this last bit sums up DC in a nutshell. If it’s not Batman they don’t seem to know what to do with it (exaggeration somewhat there but...).

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    From 1992, American Secrets is highly recommended:

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    it blows my mind how underappreciated J'onn is, I hadn't even realized he didn't have an appreciation thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by K7P5V View Post
    From 1992, American Secrets is highly recommended:
    damn, Gerard Jones? big oof, iunno how to feel that this guy seems to have written for two of my favorite underrated/underutilized heroes.
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