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    Default Appropriate payment to creators. - Your thoughts?

    ________________________________________PREFACE___ ________________________________________

    I have been script-writing (T.V and movie scripts) for a few years now and have been an avid comic fan for a long, long time. I am also a competent flatter, letterer and somewhat colorist (Shout out to K. Michael Russell and his courses:, although would definitely prefer to pay a better colorist in my projects for quality's sake.

    Which leads me to my question to you all (Apologies if this has been asked before. I did do a search but couldn't find a topic covering exactly what I wanted to ask the community).

    Let me preface this statement with the notion that I completely understand due to skill level there are definitely (per page) $10 creators out there, and $200 creators. Obviously there are a lot of factors that come into play when deciding or accepting this: talent, experience, clout/notoriety/pull, etc...

    I am coming up to to a point in the next two months (early January) where I would like to start a new project of creating the pilot issue of a comic to shop around to independent labels. I would edit, write, flat (for the colorist) and letter the comic but am looking to hire (and pay after each page is submitted on an agreed deadline) a penciller, inker and colorist. I would be looking for reliable creators who would want to commit to the project if a label wishes to pick it up.

    I was personally thinking of looking for talented, non-experienced and non-established creators and depending on the talent of the creator, I was thinking between 20 (just over $25) to 40 (just over $51) a page but am worried that this may be too low and might offend creators which is the last thing I want. So, I figured, who better to ask than the community itself?

    ________________________________________QUESTION__ ________________________________________

    So, the million dollar question is: What do you think an appropriate payment offer (per page) for the following is:

    A talented penciller with no (or little) previous work?
    A talented inker with no (or little) previous work?
    A talented colorist with no (or little) previous work?

    An experienced and talented penciller?
    An experienced and talented inker?
    An experienced and talented colorist?

    An experienced, established and talented penciller?
    An experienced, established and talented inker?
    An experienced, established and talented colorist?

    ________________________________________FINAL THOUGHTS____________________________________

    I know that people are going to have a lot of different opinions on this but thanks for any responses. It is greatly appreciated.
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