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    Default I finally made my own comic!

    I've always been a big comic reader and loved to draw, and found my way into the art field as an animator. I always miss drawing though, so over the past 5 years or so I've tried to make my own comic book. About 2 years back I connected on reddit with an author who had a great script ready to go, and our Issue #1 is now complete! It turned out awesome, we're both super proud of it. I'm also about halfway through Issue 2 now, with 3 and 4 on the horizon.

    The premise is Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Bigfoot and JFK's brain battle evil in a world where all conspiracy theories are true. Including that all those people are still alive and well.

    Anyone else here create their own book? Anyone else had success with Kickstarter?

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    Nothing but ideas and notes waiting to be realized. That's a fun concept though.

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    Really like the look of it. Backed it.
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