I've just been trawling through Amazon looking for future Batman releases, and found that DC are finally giving us a collection of Devin Grayson's Nightwing run. If this sells well, hopefully I can finally complete my trade collection for this run.

I always enjoyed Devin's work at DC and am very pleased that with this and the Gotham Knights: Transference book more of her work is finally getting collected. Hopefully, this will lead to her getting more recognition as a rock solid comic book writer.


Fearless cop Dick Grayson is the Dark Knight's right hand, and behind his own mask, he's the vigilante Nightwing. Join Dick as things get out of hand with the police department in Nightwing by Devin Grayson Vol. 1.

Blüdhaven's few good cops go bad as a super-steroid rampages through their systems. Nightwing goes from protecting the police force from the 'Haven to protecting the 'Haven from the police. Nightwing scrambles to find the source of a madness that's gripping the Blüdhaven Police Department. But Blüdhaven's Finest aren't just lapsing into a murderous mania--they're also exhibiting superhuman strength and speed! Nightwing may not be able to handle this chaotic mess alone, but whom can he call on?

Find all the answers in Nightwing by Devin Grayson Vol. 1. Collects Nightwing #71-83.