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    Default AEW Dynamite Review 11/06/19 : "A Wild Brawl to sell a PPV !"


    Your Hosts : Tony Shiavone , Jim Ross & Excalibur

    Cody speaks tonight , plus tonight Jericho/Guevara vs Page/Omega in a tag team main event match. Live tonight in Charlotte , NC. A former big town in the old WCW/NWA era. Its a star park night as the winner of Dark Order vs Private Party will go on to Full Gear and compete in a 3 way tag team match against SCU & Lucha Brothers. Cody get a big pop from fans.

    Funny thing is Jim Ross won't say cowboy shit , yet comically calls Pac "The Bastard" as his nickname tells uis. Shiavone claims Pac is one of the most intense guys in years he has seen. Trent Barretta is out to face Pac with his Best Friends Taylor and Orange Cassidy. Excalibur brings up that Trent has all the moral support but Pac loves to walk his road alone as we see.

    Both former WWE guys start off with arm bars and rest hold reversals. Pac however isn't impressed and fans start a Pac You Suck chant as he isn't caring. Pac then gets out and gets in Cassidy's face. Back in later Trent uses a back elbow off the ropes as they work. Much later in a spot Trent does a back suplex into a pin attempt.

    Outside later in a cool spot Pac starts throwing Trent hard into the steel barricade as Jim Ross advises that Pac may have to get him back in ring. The fans hate Pac as they chant he sucks repeatedly. Pac doesn't care as he drops Barretta throat 1st over one railing as the referee is losing control of this. Then in a cool spot Pac does a nice front huricanrana over top rope onto Trent landing on his feet !

    Then just as fast as Pac quickens the pace , he slows it down with a rest hold. Trent tries a come back and is thrown into corner and eats a back dragon suplex into a pin attempt. Excalibur points out his tippy toes was even trying for leverage. Then later Trent tries another comeback and knocked outta ring. Cassidy gets in ring and eats a kick for his comedy routine. Knocking his sunglasses off. Jim Ross , "Orange got crushed..."

    This allows Trent to make a comeback and do his huricrana to the outside on Pac in a spot. In a nice bit of payback , Trent throws Pac into ring railing. Barretta with a BIG TIME spear on outside in a spot ! Pac manages to kick out of a near pin attempt. Pac and Barretta go at it again and Trent nails a swinging DDT and gets another near fall !

    In a cool epic spot we see Pac catch Trent with a brainbuster on the floor ! Both men start to get counted outside but Pac breaks the count and delivers his epic 460 splash off top rope in what looks like a 3 count. Then we suddenly see the referee claim Trent kicked out. That fools all 3 announcers. Then we see Pac lock on his submission as Trent can't escape.

    Pac gets on the mic and tells Charlotte to shut up. He heard what Page said and his naughty swear word. This Sunday night he's gonna make an example outta him. After the commercial we see Cody elevate up from the entrance ramp like how Kurt Angle used to come out at TNA. The fans pop huge for Cody. Shiavone is in ring to the interview as its shades of old Nitro and Gene Okerlund doing this.

    Tony gets a pop for Charlotte NC and the birth place of the American Nightmare. Cody has an announcement and claims he's not surprised at the arrival of Inner Circle. That this was all planned as him , Young Bucks and Omega all put cards out to find this talent. He rattles off a few names like Cowboy Bill Watts , Eddie Graham and his father Dusty Rhodes. He proclaims them Titans of the industry. That they were top of the business and left many heart warming things for a segment of fans. But for many these guys left people cold because....they were management.

    Cody puts over that AEW is about listening to wrestlers and fans. This is freedom he proclaims it. He claims he has heard the same criticism over his name being in a World title match and being management ; so tonight he announces that if doesn't defeat Chris Jericho at Full Gear he will never challenge for the World title again. Cody rips into Jericho's whole deal where he was ripped for having a silver spoon as an entitled millennel etc. That you can find Chris book at cheap book stores at flea markets $3 bucks on Amazon !

    Cody rants on Jericho for being the same and not liking his 14 years in business . That he will make Jericho fall back into his Inner Circle after Full Gear because he will be eaten alive !

    SCU is out as Scorpio and Kazarian share a nice hand slap moment on ramp. Its shown how last week they won the AEW World tag team titles. Out comes Stu Grayson and Evil Uno as the Dark Order. The minions part is the funniest of this . Over in Spanish announce booth we see Lucha Brothers who are there watching this. SCU isn't worried , they want the 2 best teams at Full Gear.

    Marq Quin and Isiah Cassidy is out as Private Party as they do their entrance. Jim Ross tells SCU it was a great win for them and hell of an effort they did. J.R compares PR to a NBA team with 3 pointers and defense. The match begins as Dark Order starts quick on Quin. He battles back and makes a great tag as both men do combination super kicks into an overhead double stomp on the head in a spot on Grayson.

    Then in a weird spot Cassidy does this high pitch squeal as he delivers punches and Grayson catches him in a spot. Just beyond weird. Dark Order after some time take back over as Uno makes Isiah crash on ring apron. Back from commercial Isiah is still being worked over by Evil Uno. Finally in a test of power between the 2 men , Cassidy delivers a big suplex.

    He makes the hot tag and Uno delivers an EPIC clothesline from hell , twisting Quin all over in air. The 2 men try the fatality finisher but Quin gets out of it. He soon clears the ring as he smiles and decides to go air born to the outside on both men. In a near pin later Quin delivers a flying cross body pin attempt on Grayson. All 3 praise that Private Party have no idea how great they will be. Its hear PR is caught by Grayson who does his hot tag spot.

    In a cool tag moves we see Grayson and Uno deliver some great tag team moves and the cannonball into a near pin attempt. He makes a hot tag to Isiah who gestures for Uno and he eats a super kick. Silly string reversal as we see. Then we see a frankensteiner off the top rope on a guy into a stunner finisher by PR. For the win !

    We see Chris Jericho in a video get told by Guevara discuss the bubbly and Jericho has his mind elsewhere. He slaps Sammy on the chest playfully. Sammy puts over Chris putting an end to Cody. We see Soultrain Jones who puts over Chris. Then we get Inner Circle guys praising Jericho and his work ethic. Then we get Jericho's aunt who praises Jericho and proclaims he will beat the shit outta Cody !

    Jake Hagar staying silent and looking intense. He delivers the catchphrase , "Drinkin a lil bit of bubbly...its hard finding a place to find bubbly.." Jim Ross claims that was a little unique. Then we see Jim Ross detail the Rock n Roll Express beating that Santana & Ortiz did. That this continued later as the Young Bucks were jumped and brawled with them later. We get a full PPV run down.

    Back from commercial we see Jamie Hayter who is from UK and rocking a cool leather jacket. Her tag team partner Emi Sakura who is forgetting its not Halloween and deciding to dress as Freddie Mercury. Which would have been cool last week. They are facing Shanna "Portugal's Perfect Athlete" and Riho who Jim Ross puts over the heart for her size as AEW Women's champion.

    Riho and Sakura who wrestled weeks ago start. Its teacher vs student as Riho was trained by her. Emi starts off in control with hair dragging her across the ring , ouch. Sakuri is a mean teacher and mocks the crying in a spot. Later in a spot Riho delivers a knee strike off the ropes on her. Shanna in against Sakuri and we see some arm drags and she delivers a nice running kick to face in a spot !

    In a nice spot flip neckbreaker by Shanna off ropes. Riho and Shanna deliver nice tag team moves and Shanna plants Riho onto Sakuri in a pin attempt splash. Then we see later in a spot Riho attempt the 619 ala Mysterio and is caught and eats a double arm DDT. Finally Hayter is in after so long as she talks trash and stomps on Riho.

    Back from commercial Riho is being worked over and we see Sakuri try and stop her. She eats a double stomp to stomach as we see Shanna make hot tag and starts off on Shanna with running forearms and one to face. Then in a spot as we see Hayter deliver stomach blows , Shanna delivers a jaw breaker. She's caught off ropes soon after with a back breaker.

    Sakuri in a cool spot starts the We Will Rock You deal and delivers a spear in stomach area in corner. Hayter cuts off Riho like a veteran on the floor in a spot. In a cool spot Shanna delivers a flying cross body off the top turnbuckle onto both ladies on floor. Riho is still down as Shiavone points out as Shanna delivers a double arm pile driver type move onto Sakuri who kicks out. Excalibur has to wonder if her neck is ok.

    END OF PART #1
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    Emi and Hayter work together as Emi still seems groggy from that pile driver on her head deal as she's in corner on her knees after some work. Hayter delivers an epic lariat for a pin attempt. Riho gets tossed and Hayter waives to the crowd to mock her. Sakuri seems to have cleared her head and delivers a big back breaker into a Vader bomb that Riho breaks the pin attempt !

    Teacher vs Student do many pin attempts on each other and finally Emi rolls her former student into a roll up. Shiavone points out that this is a case where teacher caught student finally.

    Brandi Rhodes in a vignette in a chair sipping wine discusses how people claim she's only there due to Cody. That she never wanted to run a Women's division as we see glimpses of Awesome Kong. She questions in a evil heel manner , who is the bullies now ?

    Brandon Cutler is in ring and is 0-2. He doesn't get an entrance. Then we see Shawn Spears with Tully Blanchard who does his Chairman entrance. Jim Ross shows the controversy last week on AEW Dark it seems where Tully and Shawn jumped Janela who used plyers to try and remove Joey's tongue ? They put over this dark attitude he has with Blanchard now in corner.

    Spears starts over reversing Cutler. Jim Ross claims Shawn has a great look and body made for money. But can he put it together ? Cutler rallies back with a great kick and enziguri off apron to get back in. Shiavone loves the statement body made for money. That mean streak Spears has shows up later as he throws Cutler into the ring railing. Shiavone and Jim Ross discuss Tully's classics with Magnum TA back in day. That him bringing that to Spears is great.

    Cutler later rallies back with some kicks and later Spears delivers a good kick and delivers the DVD for the win. Then we see Tully slide a chair into ring where he goes to take out Cutler. Joey Janela hits the ring as he appears on Dynamite for the 1st time . The Bad Boy looks like a cross between Jericho and some 80's kid who is lost a few decades from now.

    We get a replay of Moxley's anger at the Lights Out match at Full Gear. Omega jokes what did he expect to happen ? That they would chain wrestle each other ? We see clips of him and Omega clashing in spots. Kenny wants to thank Moxley for this , that he likes having to achieve something . Moxley claims he's at his best when he's at his worst.

    Now its time for the Main Event with Page/Omega vs Jericho/Guevara. Excalibur claims that Charlotte is now Cleaner Country. Which well...ehh sorry Excalibur on that one. Shiavone pokes fun at the Spanish God deal. We actually see Sammy youtube his entrance to the ring , streaming it comically. El Champion is out with Hagar . Shiavone claims that he's seen Jericho for years but right now he feels Chris is at his best he's ever been. \

    Jericho is gonna be on TNT on NBA tomorrow night. Back from commercial and Jericho is still in his gear taunting fans who start a chant back "We are Thankful.." as Jericho tries to get heel heat back. Omega gestures he wants Jericho as the two men come face to face then we see Chris tease and tag back in Sammy like a cool heel.

    Sammy is bragged up for being selected by Jericho personally as he starts off with Kenny. Jim Ross even calls him Sammy the Spanish God. They put over the chain wrestling Kenny and Sammy start with. Kenny tries taunting Sammy with back head slaps and eats a slap to the face himself. Both men exchange some reversals and we get some nods to Ric Flair with knife edge chops ala Flair to Sammy.

    Omega and Page double team Sammy and we see get a pin fall attempt on him. Hangman catches Sammy with a leap frog and after some reversals does a crufix type pin attempt off a firemans carry splash . Sammy finally tags in Jericho after so long as Page catches him. He then delivers a flying drop kick off top rope to Page as fans boo as he taunts the crowd.

    After a suplex he tags back in Sammy to work the match. In a comical spot Sammy shows Chris how good he is and eats a reverse suplex. Later we get Page/Jericho as Hangman and Jericho both make hot tags. Omega is cleaning house. He delivers a nice turning double sledge to Sammy off the ropes in a spot. Great sequence by Omega into a splash off top rope into a pin attempt on Spanish God.

    Sammy reverses out of a dragon suplex attempt and delivers an enizguri. Kenny delivers a nice drop later in a spot. Then later as the ring is clear Kenny tries his power up attempt and goes to fly to outside on Sammy as Chris cuts him off. Then later we see Kenny attempt to fly again outside as Jake Hagar cuts him off with a back shot.

    Back from commercial as Jericho is working over Omega. Jim Ross plugs the PPV big again as he welcomes us back. Finally Omega makes the hot tag to Page. Jim Ross plugs that Page's waited a long while to come get him some. Fans start the Cowboy Shit deal as Page looks to deliver his finisher. All 4 men are going at it as Sammy gets caught after being tossed out by Hagar. Then Kenny gets his revenge as Omega comes flying out on him and Sammy. Then we see Page do it again. The Bastard Pac causes Page to eat a loss to Jericho's judas kiss finisher.

    Post match we see a beat down as Cody makes the save. He clears the ring of Sammy and company. Jericho and Hagar look to escape but MJF comes out and delivers a chair shot on Hagar and Jericho. Throwing Chris back in ring to eat a beat down. From the crowd we see Inner Circle of Santana and Ortiz jump Moxley and Omega . The Bucks stop this deal as they brawl to the back.

    On the ramp later as Bucks and Santana/Ortiz brawl we see Moxley make a save and DDT one of Inner Circle on ramp for getting involved. Out of control continues as one of Bucks climbs on the tron and comes flying off on them. This brawl continues as they GO AGAIN to end the show and PPV preview.

    The Good : Pac/Barretta was pretty decent as a whole match. The part where Cassidy tried to make fun of Pac who had nothing to do with it and kicks him in the face outta the ring was a good touch. Pac is a bastard. He doesn't play games , sorry Best Friends.

    Cody delivers a good promo which Jim Ross sold as a very passionate promo. Which the PPV needed from Cody to sell this World title match. It was a pretty solid promo as Cody delivers a big stipulation on himself for Full Gear.

    The PR/Dark Order tag team match was pretty solid. This was a perfect tag team match and Private Party is really good and growing as a team on these shows.

    The ladies of AEW is growing each week . Shanna , Emi Sakuri and Hayter are starting to slowly catch on with Riho. Hopefully we see AEW continue to recruit more women internationally.

    Chris Jericho takes over these inspirational AEW film segments with his own unique silliness. The best part was the aunt showing up claiming Chris would beat the shit outta Cody. I laughed so hard. This is what comedy spots should be for AEW. Its not head over your head as we saw last week with Rick & Morty WWE style stuff. Its things like Jericho poking fun at these in a way where he has Virgil show up for the hell of it.

    The main event and wild brawl at the end put me in mind of old ECW , WCW Nitro between NWO/WCW brawls and the TNA back in day wild brawls to finish a show. It was a nice nod to that as well as Flair chops that Omega did. Also it appears Kenny realized the repeated power up deal was silly and only did it once as we saw. He seemed to take what Ross said in a spot and cut that out.

    It was a great sell for a PPV as the brawl and announcing sold it. ONLY...ON....PPV !

    The Bad : The weirdest part was the finish. It seems like Barretta maybe was knocked a bit out of it after brainbuster as he didn't seem to kick out at all. That the referee remembered the finish and stopped the 3 count there. Even the announcers started to all 3 call it but quickly said he kicked out seemingly. The locked on submission as Trent's face turned colors was wild.

    The Brandi Rhodes deal makes little sense really. The vignette puts across she's a heel it seems with Kong. But her husband and his friends are all faces as we see in Elite. So she's a heel to counter that ? I guess its what were seeing. But how exactly in vignettes do we go from Brandi supporting her husband Cody as a face to suddenly threatening people with Kong since she's manager ?

    Shawn Spears has showed up a few weeks and I really can see why Tully is with him. But its clear he's as boring as watching paint dry. He hasn't spoken much at all and Tully has more life at ringside here. Its a simple case that Tully is over shadowing the kid he's managing and I was like , its a damn shame Blanchard is in his 60's and can't work against Janela. Because promo and matches would be good.

    OVERALL : ***** Outta 5. As far as selling a PPV goes , this show hit on all cylinders. They needed to sell the Full Gear PPV and wove the main angles so well at the end with the wild brawl. Also beyond a few issues , this show was really one of the best that high lighted what characters were getting in AEW , the matches from all 3 divisions and sold a PPV. Its like an old school WCW/ECW show where they sold a PPV. I haven't watched a PPV in years and even I may order it.
    "The story so far: As usual, Ginger and I are engaged in our quest to find out what the hell is going on and save humanity from my nemesis, some bastard who is presumably responsible." - Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.

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