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    Great to see new X-Titles off to a strong beginning!

    Marauders might have been a bit under-ordered since it does not have X in the title. Reorders seem encouraging!

    Also, I read that the New Mutants variant cover featuring Magik is on backorder but the main cover is still available. Will find the link!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maestroneto View Post
    X-Force will break 100k. Thereís a reason it had a directorís cut digital release.

    Iím happy an X-book finally outsold Spider-Gwen and Black Cat #1 this century.
    Black cat sold 260k I think.
    He is the rock that their island nation is built upon. The people of Krakoa know him and what he has done for them over the years, and they look up to him. He might not be RULING Krakoa, but he is definitely leading it.

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    October 2019 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops - Comichron
    October 2019 delivered the best month in three years for the Direct Market, as comics shops ordered $56.35 million in comic books, graphic novels, and magazines from Diamond Comic Distributors. It was an increase of 14%, or nearly $7 million, over the previous October, itself the strongest month in 2018 and one that likewise had five New Comic Book Days. It was the fourth best month of the decade, also the first month to top $50 million in orders in exactly three years.

    Retailers ordered 8.82 million comics, an increase of 10% and likewise the most comics ordered in a single month in three years. Yet publishers actually released 1% fewer comics in the month: five fewer. It was what the comic books were that mattered more. October saw the launch of Jonathan Hickman's X-Men title, which placed first in dollars and units with more than 255,000 copies shipped. The wrap-up of Powers of X and House of X placed third and fourth in units respectively, and more batches of reorders came in for previous issues. It was Marvel's best month in dollar terms since Civil War II debuted in June 2016; its year over year sales were up 32% during the month. As of October, an improved year for Marvel in 2019 was guaranteed. ...
    2019 Comic Book Sales to Comics Shops - Comichron
    ... July also featured the return of Jonathan Hickman to Marvel with House of X and Powers of X, which led the month's sales. ...

    ... August's combination of big-ticket events plus the Jonathan Hickman House of X/Powers of X reboot for the X-Men line gave Marvel its highest dollar market share at Diamond since the distributor began releasing final order dollar share data in 1997. ...

    ... In October, Marvel launched the "Dawn of X" event as House of X and Powers of X wrapped up and X-Men #1 launched to more than a quarter-million copies sold. ...
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