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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow6743 View Post
    Can we finally have people admit that Harley Quinn is the 4th pillar of DC Comics I mean Joker and Harley Criminal Sanity sold 81,515 and Harleen #2 sold 65,720. Hulk, Cap, and Iron Man, and Thor at least been in Marvel movies for years. Harley just got in live-action and appearances in animated shows throughout the years. Like people talk about Harley being pushed as the Hot Topic hero but, no one forced 65,000 people to go out and buy a book about her. Maybe fans just like Harley Quinn.
    I think Joker is the fourth pillar, if anyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingaliencracker View Post
    To be fair, Black Panther came out 10 years after Marvel Stuidos was already well established as a powerhouse. MS initially started with Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America - not exactly unknowns. Had they started with Ant-Man, Black Panther, or Captain Marvel, they may not have had the same success.
    To be fair NOTHING when one of your executives was actively fighting to keep Black Panther out of theaters. Let alone be made because of DC's failures known as Catwoman & Steel. While ignoring Blade and his 3 films.

    They still had to use unproven guys. Guys who did NOT have movies in theaters like Superman & Batman.
    Tony Stark was having cartoon shows on Toon Nick when all this started.
    Just because they have been SHOVED up everyone's rear end does not mean folks were going to support them.
    Antman & GOTG were phase 2. Who was asking for them?

    Marvel still took trash and made it work. And instead of burying competition-they embraced it.

    Antman was not buried to force folks to like Tony or Thor or whoever in comics like so many at DC have been buried.

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