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    Default Garbage Man Crowdfund from Aaron Lopresti

    Now funding at Indiegogo from DC and Marvel Comics artist Aaron Lopresti (Wonder Woman, Justice League, Planet Hulk), an all new 170 page hardcover trade collecting his 2011 Garbage Man stories previous featured in Weird Worlds and My Greatest Adventure anthology from DC Comics (minus Batman) with 24 pages of new material. Support Link:

    Info: Garbage Man is the story of Richard Ethan Morse, an ambitious corporate lawyer who accidentally discovers some illegal activities by his largest client, Titan Pharmaceuticals. Not wanting to risk exposure, Titan's lead research scientist, Holden Clive, has Morse abducted and used as a guinea pig for his immoral human growth experiments. The experiments go horribly wrong and the evidence along with Richard Morse are destroyed. But Richard Morse's chemically altered remains mingle with the refuse from Titan's waste dump and he emerges as Garbage Man. His journey to bring Titan to justice leads him into conflict with other outrageous monsters, all the while trying to rediscover his lost humanity and new purpose for his life.
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