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    Default 5 new twists for a "Buffy or Angel" project

    It's similar to the threads in the Superman/Batman forums.

    There's a new Buffy/Angel project on the horizon and it's not connected to the existing version. The medium or what the projects don't really matter. They're looking for 5 new big ideas for Buffy/ Angel and they would just keep 2. The changes could tackle any part of Buffy/Angel from their backstory, personality, powers, goals, friends/love/enemies, etc.

    Any ideas?

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    The first moon landing. Neil Armstrong takes those famous first steps... and encounters a Hellmouth.
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    Number one change I would do. Change the Watchers from being old fogies with books to a hi-tech spy organization who hack cameras and everything to watch for vampires.
    I think restorative nostalgia is the number one issue with comic book fans.
    A fine distinction between two types of Nostalgia:

    Reflective Nostalgia allows us to savor our memories but accepts that they are in the past
    Restorative Nostalgia pushes back against the here and now, keeping us stuck trying to relive our glory days.

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