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    Default Design your own multiverse

    Presuming you can have several different continuities - maybe they are like earth 1 and earth 2 with occasional crossovers, or maybe they are very separate and should never meet. For the sake of this argument, presume that all the titles you want from every universe will get published and have loving attention from good writers and artists. Basically, this is your ideal.

    You can go with the same character appearing in multiple universes or each character existing in only one universe.

    DC universe #1 would be the JSA. I don't care for characters appearing in two universes, though, so it would not have Batman, Superman, WW or Black Canary, Heroes only get old enough for their kids to make it to about 20. Starts in 1930s or 1940s, since a lot of people won't accept JSA without WWII. New characters may be created, too.

    DC universe #2 is most heavily based on bronze-age-through-current DC verse, but not entirely, as some characters merged in at post-COIE would be absent and the Hawks would be more silver/bronze age rather than newer versions.

    For me there is some splitting up among different publishers. But not entirely. I'm inclined to have Blue Beetle in DC universe #2 with Batman and Booster Gold and other silver-age-and-later DC characters because the Booster/Beetle friendship is really popular, and I like the idea of Fire and Ice and Guy, even though I don't like the humor of that particular JL series. However, I've also considered that JL version as DC universe #3, without Batman or Superman existing. Not sure how I'd build it, though (who would be the first hero, etc.). And who else should move with them? Martian Manhunter? What about some other heroes that were never on that team? Would Vibe or Red Tornado or Phantom Stranger or Blue Devil or Doctor Light or another one of the Global Guardians fit there? I guess there probably isn't much need to split them off?

    Fawcett universe - some things would be changed, like not having Freddy and Mary fighting Sivana's kids. I'd like it to be treated like a continuity where Billy, etc. got to grow and change as others did in bronze age, but are still good kids without the brat-aspect of New52. Possibly go low-to-no time progression, though, since Billy is my big hero of the universe, and his gimmick is being a kid who turns into a grown hero. Maybe ages 12-17 for him. Uncertain what era to set it in.

    Vertigo universe would be separate from DC. Characters do not appear in both.

    Milestone universe - pretty much what it was when it was published. I think it probably moves to the present fairly easily, though in particular there has been an increase social acceptability of homosexuality and that could have some impact on certain story lines.
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    An idea from another thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mutant God View Post
    Universe 0 - Prime
    Universe 1 - Golden Age (Justice Society, Fawcett Comics, Charlton Comics)
    Universe 2 - Silver Age (Super Friends, Batman 66, Wonder Woman 77)
    Universe 3 - Tangent Comics
    Universe 4 - Wildstorm
    Universe 5 - Vertigo
    Universe 6 - Watchmen
    Universe 7 - Milestone
    Universe 8 - Stan Lee's Just Imagine
    Universe 9 - Hannah-Barbara/Archie Comics
    Universe 10 - Captain Carrot
    Universe 11 - Genderflip
    Universe 12 - Justice League: Gods and Monsters
    Universe 13 - Crime Syndicate
    Universe 14 - Red Son
    Universe 15 - Miller's Dark Knight
    Universe 16 - Kingdom Come
    Universe 17 - Legion of Super Heroes
    Universe 18 - DC Beyond (Batman Beyond)
    Universe 19 - Black Justice League
    Skeeter: Hey time traveling O5 members of the X-Men We don't take kindly to people who create a time paradox around here!

    Bartender: Now calm down Skeeter they aint hurtin nobody.

    Skeeter: No! I wanna know som'in from the "O5" How come you cant go back to your own timeline in the first place and how come when Reed Richards "fixed" the universe you wasnt put back and how come the changes that happn to you dont happn to your present day selves?

    Bartender: Skeeter I dont want trouble

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    I'd pretty much go Pre-Crisis in format, infinite. Earth-1 for the big 7, Earth-2 would get an All-Star Squadron book around WW2 and a JSA Infinity book in their present day. I'd bring back the annual crossover stories, mainly between Earths 1 & 2. Earth-S for the Marvel Family, Earth-X for the Freedom Fighters. Earth-V for Vertigo/Black Label stuff, Earth-Y for the TV Young Justice Earth, etc. Earth-K for Kingdom Come. Earth-3 for the morally inverted Earth.

    The most notable difference would be that Ted Kord as Blue Beetle would be kept on Earth 1 so the Blue & Gold team could still happen. In fact, I'd give them a series together.

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    Earth 0 - Mainstream earth. Pretty much what we had Post-COIE, and what we're slowly getting back now.

    Earth 1 - Silver Age retro-world, inspired by comics of the 50's through early 70's.

    Earth 2 - A world where the legacy of the Golden Age heroes carried forward into the present day - with an older JSA and their kids.

    Earth 3 - Crime Syndicate and evil doppelgangers of course.

    Earth 4 - Watchmen-inspired world with the Charlton heroes.

    Earth 5 - A very classic Golden Age-inspired Marvel Family.

    Earth 12 - DCAU-inspired world, with the Batman Beyond future, but also the JLU inspired present.

    Basically all the other familiar Elseworld universes such as New Frontier, Kingdom Come, DKR etc. Would probably throw in stuff like White Knight, American Alien as well.

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    Earth-0: Main Earth. Most of the mainstream books take place here.

    Earth-1: Silver Age Earth. Early sixties. Think DC around 1963. Pre-Crisis versions of characters here.

    Earth-2: Golden Age Earth. DC around 1941. JSA, GA Superman, Batman. WW. Alan Scott GL. Jay Garrick Flash, etc.

    Earth-3: "Evil" Earth. This would be more something like the Injustice Earth or the Justice Lords rather than super-villains. Superheroes turned dictators to "protect" their Earth.

    Earth-4: Post-Crisis Earth. DC around 1995. Mullet Superman, Wally Flash, Kyle Raynor GL, Connor Hawk GA, Tim Drake Robin.

    Earth-5: "Nior" Earth. There are no "super" heroes here. All heroes are street level. Powerless. Batman. Green Arrow. No powers Black Canary. All hunted by the cops. They are not seen as "heroes".

    Earth-6: Vertigo Earth. Constantine. Swamp Thing. Shade. Superheroes are just comic book characters here.

    Earth-7: Charlton Earth. Blue Beetle. Captain Atom. Judo Master. Dan Garret was the first BB in 1939. Captain Atom was created in an accident in 1965.

    Earth-8: Shazam! Earth. Captain Marvel. The entire Marvel family.

    Earth-9: Kingdom Come Earth.

    Earth-10: Batman Beyond Earth.

    Earth-52: New 52 Earth. Superheroes have only been around for about five years. Armor Superman, Zeus' daughter WW, Cyborg as founding member of the JL.

    Other undesignated Earths:

    President Superman Earth. Most superheroes here are black.

    Supergirl Earth. Superman was killed here and never came back. Supergirl has replaced him.

    Utopian Earth. Most superheroes have retired here.

    Superboy Earth. Superboy is the first and only superhero here. It's basically a pre-Crisis Earth in it's infancy. He's a member of the Legion here.

    Other Earths would be various versions of Elseworlds and TV shows and movies. Or any other concept I can think of. Maybe a western Earth with characters like Jonah Hex and other western characters.
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    I can only think of a few off the top of my head (including the one's I'm stealing from some of you guys ). What numbers they are are just stream of thought, btw. They're pretty interchangeable.

    Earth 0 - obvi the main Earth

    Earth 1 - an Earth firmly set at the very beginning of the DCU pre-Robin.

    Earth 2 - a straight up Dick Sprang-inspired '50s Atomic Age era DCU.

    Earth 3 - the Millerverse

    Earth - 4 Crime Syndicate

    Earth 5 - DCAU

    Earth 6 - All-Star Superman-verse

    Earth 7 - Kingdom Come Earth

    Earth 8 - the Dini/Ross Earth

    Earth 9 - Challenge of the Super Friends Earth

    Earth 10 - Red Son Earth

    Earth 11 - Charlton Comics Earth

    Earth 12 - Arrowverse Earth

    Earth 13 - Supergirl Earth

    Earth 14 - Captain Carrot Earth

    Okay, maybe that's more than a few.
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    Main DCU: Post Crisis/Zero Hour

    Rest of the Multiverse: Elseworlds/Dark Multiverse

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