Have ideas for games. Unlike my last stuff with open sandbox and such, this has missions/plot/with branches.

4 of them are supernatural horror/dark fantasy stuff. The last one is super heroes.

Super thing:

The Overlord Agenda: Freedom League is the newest and most popular super team around. The secret? They are all villains who were not caught or killed, they made a new identity to charm the public while they bid their time for a take over. And you the players, are these individuals.

The stat system is met to make strong and resourceful characters, but cannot overpower say Superman unless a lot of prep and outside help.

Horror stuff:

Society of the Hunt: This is a story teller game with Xcom elements. You the players are high up operatives for a Hellsing style organization. Your job is to prevent the apocalypse from happening. And there are many big fish that want to nom or enslave our world.

Demon Siege: 4-6 players max. (Though you guys can die so anyone on waiting list takes over plot wise. Just a fair warning.) Plot is you bad asses are in a major city, under-siege by demons. Armed to the teeth one must find and beat the leader before the demonic invasion goes further onto the world, which will make things worse.

Umbra Legacy; High tech/magic punk post Apocalypse world akin to Vampire Hunter D. Just here the "masters" were not vampires. And they are on the decline leaving their sweet toys behind. Humanity trying to rebuild while hunting the nightmares that plagued the world. Here, 80 characters exist. But, start off with 8 players only. (Character stat/level up system is akin to Monster off the Week game. Meaning if you level up, can get the option to buy another character for use.)

So like in the DBZ RPG with adding new people. Only they actually do shit that you can control. for plot. So yeah first 8 to call out numbers get to start things off. Though like Demon Siege, if no spare character and you die, waiting list rules apply. (However there is a mechanic that allows one to cheat death, to a point.)

War Against the Darkness: The world here is more backwards, steel/iron age with steampunk works. The players here are "Angels" who are possessing humans. Because angels being energy cannot really affect outside world. 3 flavors of angels.

There is a stat list, and a Power list. Also death here is a slap on the wrist as you just possess someone else. (unless someone Shang Tsung's you.)

So yeah, I guess you guys pick which one you like. (If you like any.) and will post stuff on free time. It is not going to be lightning fast or anything. Demon Siege, The Hellsing, and Villains are a limited project, not met to last as long as a Cleric deal.

Umbra Legacy met to be like Seasons of a TV show in dealing with the big bad of said season. THe War one would last the longest, given Angels and Devils are dman near immortal to a extent.