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    Thanks to her... creative use of Ilargi in Vaikuntha, Nevanlinna mastered, essentially, all that Syneva had to teach in less than a year by the normal universe's reckoning. From her perspective, it had been... decades, centuries, even. All that time spent studying, researching, training, and improving. She had made much progress.

    On the matter of the first race's combat skins, she had, after a few years, successfully reverse engineered them, improved upon what she had available, and merged it with Threshling armorcrafting, as well as armscrafting. The end result was something quite marvelous--a synthesis of high technology and high magic that far exceeded either of its parent disciplines. It would take time for her to spread the new art to her people, but even alone, she managed to outfit a few elite (and loyal) knights with these new-type arms and armor.

    And the most marvelous thing? The old armor need not be disposed of--rather, it could be used in tandem with the new armor, as the latter was more akin to a sleek bodysuit than the bulky armor of old. A double layer of protection. Furthermore, Nevanlinna took the liberty of modifying the old armors for those she chose so that they were infused with gravity magic. Not only would it serve as... an extreme form of weighted clothing--training the wearer as they went about their duties, without the need for a sizeable gravity chamber--it could also be used offensively if the armor's owner was in-tune enough with it. The user's power was also increased somewhat once the magic was turned outward, since they would no longer be weighed down by it.

    Ah, her genius never ceased to amaze her.

    Her real project, however, was using this new art for the benefit of her allies. Strong soldiers were necessary, yes, but as things stood, they weren't going to be a great deal of help in future fights. Even her mother had fallen behind her, by this point. How... inconceivable it would have been just a few short years ago--again, by the normal universe's reckoning--to be the mightiest of her people. Ah, but she had gotten off-topic...

    She had some ideas for her gifts... but she would work on this, mostly, in secret.

    Some months--once again, by the normal universe's reckoning--into her training, Nevanlinna spent some time on Reshlan, investigating one of Auroc's many strongholds. There, she discovered something quite interesting--plans to modify and improve the threshlings further. It took some time to decipher the text, but Auroc had apparently abandoned the idea out of, unsurprisingly, caution. Or perhaps fear. He viewed the Threshlings-as-they-were as 'good enough', and strengthening them was unnecessary for his purposes and too risky if an 'exemplar' were to appear and successfully rebel. Prudent... but at least he had kept his notes.

    The changes were logical extensions of the Threshling's natural abilities, and played well with each other. Their body morphing would be merged and enhanced with their magic to become outright shapeshifting. And not just physical shapeshifting, but, hypothetically, it would allow the threshling to transform their body into things such as fire, smoke, or... well, one might say that it would result in their body becoming a plaything of the mind.

    To prevent one from, effectively, killing oneself, the nature of their mental defenses would be upgraded. In addition to retaining the previous requirement to be touched for telepathy to work, an enhanced threshling would also be able to retain their mind even in states where it should not be possible... such as when shapeshifted into something inorganic or--and this was her own theorizing--forcefully transmuted into something inorganic.

    Hypothetically, an enhanced threshling could perhaps fight and use their power even when transmogrified into a... gumball, for example. And eventually change themselves back.

    Finally, their already impressive intelligence would be upgraded, allowing for high-speed analysis and comprehension. This one was the change that interested her the most, as it would prove most useful for her own ends.

    Naturally, she sequested herself with Auroc's notes, translated them, reverse-engineered the methods he would have used to pull this off, and then... she applied them to herself. Yes, it was risky--perhaps even insane--by any standard, but the rewards for success... oh, they would be succulent! And if anyone could succeed, then she could.

    The order was simple: first, the intelligence. That proved to be easily achieved. While already brilliant by any measure, once she 'enhanced' herself using Auroc's notes--with some improvements to his methods, of course--over the course of, oh... perhaps a year from her point of view, her intelligence both deepened and broadened. Not only could she think more efficiently, but multi-tasking became far easier. It proved quite useful in advancing her development of the newtype crafting art.

    ...though not in thinking of a better name.

    Next came the enhancement of her mental nature. This one was trickier--messing with one's mind was never going to be risk-free--but due to her enhanced intellect, she succeeded in her self-enhancement. Her test for this enhancement was quite harrowing--she intentionally ingested a compound that she knew would temporarily knock her out. It did, indeed, knock her out, but only her body. Her mind remained quite aware, stuck in her temporarily paralyzed body.

    A success, but once she recovered, she made a mental note to never get herself into that situation again.

    And finally came the upgrade to her body morphing. She had chosen this one for last simply because it was the most dangerous. Without the enhanced mind, it was quite likely that the threshling would, effectively, kill themselves upon shapeshifting into anything without a brain. However, her foresight paid off and she soon found herself with the full suite of enhancement... though the shapeshifting took some time to get used to, both in terms of how it *felt* to be a living... whatever she felt like being at any given time and to actually figure out how to use it.

    She was truly a genius... but she did consider the possibility that she was slowly becoming a mad genius due to decades or... however long it had been of relative isolation and constant work. Perhaps the only thing that kept her sane was her collection of beefcake magaz--

    ...yes, her... her... her collection of magazines. Magazines that would never be shown to anyone, because surely no one would ever be interested in the subject matter, ha ha.

    On two occasions, the saiyans showed up on Ilargi to train. The first time (that she knew of), she only interacted with them a few times, since it was during her period of instruction by Syneva and her focus was on developing her new arms-and-armorsmithing technique, as well as... enhancing herself She did, however, focus a bit more of Vaikuntha's energy on them, to aid in their training. Tiring slower and recovering faster would make their efforts all the more effective

    The second time, the group was absolutely gargantuan--pretty much every saiyan she knew, except, oddly, that idi--Totoma. At first she thought it odd that he'd skip out on training, but it seems he felt obligated to stay on Earth to continue with his... superhero duties. Admirable though his intentions were, that sort of mentality would lead to him falling behind the others. Though, he had an odd habit of growing in leaps and bounds when pushed, so perhaps he was counting on that?

    By that point, she had been fully enhanced for quite some time, and made more effort to spend time with them. Not out of loneliness, of course... certainly not.

    Of course, she trained her fighting skills and pain tolerance with Sarada and Tasure, focused on magical practice, theory, and such with Parsley, and just.. enjoyed Seri's company for that ever-so-brief year. She was even there when the young girl first went Super Saiyan, thanks to Parsley. From her point of view, it was brutal, but at the same time, she knew it was necessary. Seri was talented, but she didn't seem to be the type of saiyan that could just 'figure out' a transformation, like Tasure. She required impetus, like most saiyans.

    Still, to see that young girl who she'd saved all those years ago, who had been so weak when they'd first met--a few dozen powerlevel at best--become a powerful warrior in her own right filled her with.. pride? Yes, it was certainly pride. Her heart swelled when she witnessed that explosion of golden power from her young friend. From now on, Seri would certainly be able to stand on her own both as a warrior and a person.

    Certainly the most emotionally satisfying year during her long training, but soon enough it came to an end and she was left alone on Ilargi again, save for the roving elementals, whom she gave a large berth. Not out of fear, mind, but rather respect... and her focus being on other things. Perhaps, in time, she'd commune with them, but... not now.

    Finally, after 200-plus years, subjectively, it was time for a break. Even her patience had its limits and that year training (occasionally) with the saiyans had made her remember that no person was an island--not even her. Although at this point, she could be an island, couldn't she?

    ...oh dear, she certainly needed a break at this point.
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    Enoki was sitting in her office in Galaxy Police HQ, begrudgingly undergoing the monotonous task of filling out paperwork when her datapad pinged. "Finally," she sighed gruffly, thankful for anything to distract her. Why Durive decided to require all mission reports be filed in quadruplicate was beyond her, as were many... no, all of his stupid habits.

    "Hm? A message from Parsley?"

    I hope all is going well. I spoke with Beast God and his daughter recently and made an alliance with him for the upcoming battles I informed you about a few months ago. 
    I would like to informally request that you look into reopening his case file regarding his alleged destruction of Star System #[******]. 
    He was framed by an organization called the Cabal of Thorn and Stone. For what reason, I don't know yet. I'm certain I'll find out soon enough. 
    Whatever evidence I come across, I'll forward to you post haste. 
    Also, attached to this note are the pictures I took of the kids during our ski trip on Pepa. 
    Best regards, 
    Enoki smiled at the pictures. She set one of the entire family on her desk, then raised an eyebrow and read over the letter again. "Great," she sighed as she pulled up the form for reopening a case file. She had never heard of that Cabal of Something or Another, but she had a feeling that she would very soon. Especially if her great-niece ran afoul of them at some point.

    "Tch. What a pain in the ass."
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    Default Month 12: The Dawn of the New Year

    Quote Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
    Held laughed nervously as his jest about Jack had not gotten the anticipated response. In hindsight, it did come about as a bit more crass and insensitive than he had realized. Perhaps it was something about dying that caused the Nevadian to treat death as more trivial than it once was to him.

    Maybe I've lost my touch? I guess with all the training we did, I didn't exactly have time to brush up on new material....Or the energy.

    "The Judge, eh?" Held bristled slightly at the name. Hilda had explained that it was he, and not Praxat who had managed to kill him. Which, was slightly less vexing. "I'm still unsure if I should be furious or flattered I made it to the top of his hit list..."

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one. Agrippa was certainly a tragedy...But even if that was entirely on me...Well, It hardly matters now, does it?

    Held shivered once more, his body in agreement with Ochazuke's kind offer to not let it freeze to death. "That would be nice."

    "Poor Ulysses." Held replied with a sympathetic sigh. "Sometimes I used to wonder if command was a curse....I imagine he'll have some unkind words for me, once he realizes I'm back."

    ...Which, I'll probably delay as long as possible. Sorry, Ulysses, but I didn't spend all that time being tortured in heaven, just to be tortured the second I get back.

    "....Still, it seems like he has a knack for it...I'd offer him a promotion, but I feel like he'd gut me to avoid taking it. I imagine being Admiral in all but name scared him off as well."

    ....I'm not even sure I would have taken the job, if I knew what it entailed...No. I would have....The good we've accomplished is worth it. But still...
    Held's laughter was met by a stoic silence, and even Zaofan's usual mirth was absent, for it was late in the year. It was good to see their friend after so long, and though they'd made great strides since they'd departed, the weight and lingering doubt had only increased the closer they'd got to the situation, and with it the unspoken fear that it would not be enough.

    "It's a bit of a complicated thing with the Judge," the chef said, "With what his leader, Banespell the Forger of Darkle, told him, he was probably the purest expression of what the Ulthan stood for. Condemnation, judgement, and a cold commitment to do the unthinkable for the greater good."

    Ochazuke turned and began to lead the move indoors.

    "To judge the rest of a man's days in an instant could hardly be called fair, only serial condemnation. Rather than see the universe for its list of crimes, Zaofan that convinced him it had a future."

    "Heh heh...yeah..."

    "As for the Navigators, well, after they inked the deal with the Earth's World Government and President Jinzi Pantaloon, the partnership with Capsule Industries has carried his company from Earth to Reshlan and beyond, and the Stargate Trading Networks have finally reached the Saiyan Empire."

    Held had said very little at this point, listening to Ochazuke's words between rabid bites of his meal, his hunger still not entire unabated. His body had missed both food and warmth, something this temple held in abundance.

    He stopped, however, as his chef friend illuminated certain details that the Nevadian's wife had left out of her explanation.

    A potent silence lingered in the air for a moment.

    "...So, that's how it happened." Held grinned for a moment, before chuckling, "I was given the impression that Hilda taking custody of my lifeless body was agreed upon, since she's my wife. I didn't realize that she was explaining her logic in taking my body without discussion."

    He took a sip of his tea, it's warmth reinvigorating his body. "....Then again, she never struck me as the diplomatic type. Still, I'd be lying if I didn't say it was unexpected."
    Between long silences as they ate, each taking their turn in speaking, the martial brothers took their time in absorbing the information. Ochazuke poured a third steep of tea from the deep porcelain pot and replaced its lid.

    "To justify herself to you, perhaps, but after that day we hadn't been able to find her...though I suppose your Hilda is one that disappears and reappears as she wishes. To what end this serves, who can say?"

    "It's a lot to process, I'd imagine, but all the same, it's quite a burden. I take it she's probably on our side, but that's only because of you, buddy." Setting down his bowl, Zaofan scooped up another ladle from a deep pot blooming with spice. "More lentil curry?"

    I'll giver her this. When she sets her mind on something, she certainly gets what she wants.

    The Nevadian scratched his chin at Zaofan's comment on Tiamat.

    "I guess it was technically true." Held replied, looking into his now empty cup, "Whis and Vados said something similar when I first wound up in the afterlife. Apparently my body was still alive, something was just interfering with my ability to revive myself."

    Held frowned as he recalled the horror and confusion he felt when he realized that he had truly departed the land of the living, or so it seemed.

    He blew lightly on the drink, cooling it. "From what Hilda told me, the 'something' that stopped me from coming back, was whatever the Judge shot me with."

    His eyes narrowed slightly as he shrugged.

    "The bullet was tailor made to make sure I couldn't jump start. I guess he really didn't like me. Hilda had to stabilize my body and undo the effects of the bullet. Once that was taken care of, the rest is just Nevadian Biology. "

    He paused, considering if certain details were better left unspoken.

    ...I guess they have a right to know.

    "On that note...I should probably mention something, but you have to promise not to get too upset, okay?" He asked with a nervous smile.

    He looked at both Zaofan and Ochazuke for confirmation.

    "You have to let me finish explaining before you yell at me."
    "So they'd planned the attempt on your life down to the last," Ochazuke said, "Nevadian Biology...probably the only one that could have stemmed the effects was someone who'd studied and dissected it in equal measure..."

    At the warning in Held's next words, the warm air seemed to still for a moment.

    "...well I guess, for starters could explain who Whis and Vados are?" Zaofan started, "If they're from the other side, something tells me we're not going to like that answer."

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